Kris Allen, David Archuleta And More ‘American Idol’ Alumni Reunite For ‘THR’

Though most people dread their high school reunions, the American Idol reunion hosted by The Hollywood Reporter seems like it’d be a party not to miss. The entertainment mag managed to get 29 Idol alumni, split from across all ten seasons, into one room for a class photo. Season 10 faves Pia Toscano and Casey Abrams were in attendance, as was Kris Allen, the only former winner to make it to the reunion. Jump below to watch the alumni talk about their time on the show, what they’ve been doing since, and their thoughts on the new, nice judges.

Sadly, there was no Kelly or Carrie at the event, but Season 9′s “Sanjaya” Tim Urban showed up! (The actual Sanjaya was not. We’re sure he was very busy doing… seriously, why wasn’t he there?)

And if you’re wondering where LA-based Adam Lambert and David Cook were, THR explains: “The latter had non-cancellable meetings apparently. The former? We’re not sure, but needless to say, we were beyond bummed that he couldn’t join our ridiculously fun shoot.”

Check out Allison Iraheta, Blake Lewis, David Archuleta, Kimberly Caldwell, Kris Allen, Elliott Yamin and more hang out in the behind-the-scenes footage and interviews below.

Check out THR‘s Where Are They Now to find out what all these Idols have been up to since their time on the show. (One alum is a Warbler on Glee! Ah, the lucky man who gets to two-step right behind Darren Criss.)

[Via THR]

  • Why

    NONE of them are my idols. Kelly and Carrie weren’t there because they’ve got better $hit to do. Kris had an opening between county fairs this week. And look at the venue…what’s that an open room at a civic center?

  • VJ

    It’s no coincidence that many of the more successful alumni weren’t there. They’ve just got better things to be doing than be sucked back in to a show that has a kind of detritus-of-pop-culture stigma attached to it. Adam Lambert’s recording an album right now; that definitely qualifies as something better to be doing.

    Some of those who did show up would do well to follow his example. (Unless, of course, it’s the only way they can get publicity.)

  • Rob

    I actually have more respect for the ones who DID show up for this shoot.

  • scp

    Sorry, here’s the one where Collin Powell introduces Kris Allen.

  • rivers

    Adam Lambert is not the only one who is making an album. Quite a few of idols still showed up despite their busy schedule. Some of them even came although they don’t live in LA. The writer of this article said he’s just didn’t show up without giving any answer. What an irresponsible self indulgent flamboyant trash!!

  • DD

    Rivers, you are such an idiot!!! How do you know exactly what Adam is doing? Nobody has his itinerary! Go spread your hate elsewhere!

  • star

    why wasn’t Clay Aiken, Ruben or Fantasia there? everyone making a big deal out of Adam not being there tells you he’s the one most people want to see.

    rivers Adam doesn’t owe the hollywood reporter an explanation as to why he won’t show up to be photographed with former idols. He doesn’t need the press unlike those who did show up.

  • Sandi

    Deshavue – Glamberts the new Claymates. Just as annoying!

  • Sandi

    I agree!

  • Sandi

    Meant to say I agree with Rob above.