UPDATED: Britney Spears Covers Madonna’s “Burning Up”

The rumor that Britney Spears will be covering Madonna’s “Burning Up” on her Femme Fatale tour just got a little more traction. A leak of Brit-Brit covering her pop idol’s 1983 single has surfaced, and since everything that the “I Wanna Go” gal performs live comes pre-recorded, it makes sense that an upcoming “live” cover would, too. Listen to a brief snippet (looped for a mesmerizing minute) of Spears doing her best Madge below. UPDATE: Brit’s full cover version has finally surfaced! Feel the heat of “Burning Up” below.

We can’t say Madonna’s 28-year-old single needed a Brit makeover, but hey, anything to spark the possibility of a Madonna cameo on one of her tour stops is fine by us.

[Via PopDust]

  • Justin M.

    Ok, so the entire cover was just released . . . .I love it! ‘Burning Up’ is one of my most favorite Madonna songs and I was EXTREMELY scared Britney would dissapoint. I couldn’t have been more wrong!! Hooray! Britney’s voice was MADE for this song! Obviously the original version is the absolute best . .. but Britney does me proud! Thanks for reminding me how much I adore this song Britney :)

    Now I just wish Britney was coming to Utah so I could see her perform it live.

    :( Sob

  • Marihanna

    Everything Spears was doing lately is soooo embarrassing. Especially the tour, cause it’s not the Britney Spears tour, as she is absent and the only thing not working during “her” tour. So it’s more a tour of a dancing troup!

  • ummm

    at least gaga is inspired by madonna instead of just straight up using her songs. FAIL.

  • http://safaripoet.blogspot.com/ Safari Poet

    What is up with her voice lately? If she sounds like she has lately on a finished record, I understand why she doesn’t sing live.

  • Justin M.

    Ok . . .have you ever noticed that artists almost ALWAYS do covers of songs in their tours? Katy Perry sings “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston and several other covers in her California Dreams Tour . . . . Rihanna sings “Little Nicky” by the Foo Fighters in her Loud tour . . . .etc. etc. etc.
    Britney has just decided to do a cover of “Burning Up” for her upcoming tour. It’s not like she’s releasing it as a SINGLE! Jeez.

    Your comment: FAIL

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Antonio/1078929724 Kevin Antonio

    More like everything that Britney “performs live” comes pre-recorded: FAIL.

  • http://twitter.com/mrhoax/ Rik

    It’s 2011, are you stuck in 2000?

  • Womanizah

    Are you stupid?
    She’s COVERING the song,not f*cking stealing it.

  • lily

    can safari poet shut his or her mouth about caca honestly she is a slut showing her tits in a revealing cloths isnt goooooooooooooood…… stupid people at least britney is in the biz for 13 years ……talk to me when cacaaaaaaaaaaa can do that …ok after i said that ..britney u rock keep the great work.:)))))))))))))) we love u

  • lily

    and ummmm what i said above is meant 4 u tooooooo

  • lily

    i relly dont understand why all this hating 4 britney what has she done to hate her ….honestly people should think about it cuz britney is a human like every one alse ….peace

  • http://www.celebritywallpaper.co Tony Vrable

    She’s on fire no matter what!

  • Justin M.

    Oops . . .Rihanna actually cover “Darling Nikki” by Prince in her Loud tour . . .not the Foo fighters. That makes a lot more sense! Ha ha!

    My comment: FAIL

  • http://www.celebritywallpaper.co Tracey Harkin


  • Sarah

    How is this good? Britney can’t sing. This is horrible music.

  • Fabe

    Britney is great! I love her and whenever I hear her songs they make me happy. Just enjoy her music all you dummy haters!

  • lindsay

    your kidding, right? gaga is the biggest madonna wannabe EVER! madonna herself even said this! she said she didnt understand gaga’s “obsession” with her-look it up! and britney covered this song like lots of artists do instead of STEALING it like gaga! “born this way” was a straight-up RIP OFF (read:not a cover like britney’s) of one of madonna’s songs!

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