Christina Aguilera Keeps It Positive When Spilling About Her New Life To ‘Us Weekly’

In Christina Aguilera’s revealing cover story with Us Weekly, the pop star owns the mistakes, stumbles and falls (literally) she’s struggled through over the past year. Xtina will always be a fighter, and if there’s anyone we’ve been rooting for to make a triumphant comeback, it’s the Bionic siren. With a hit new show (already renewed for a second season!) as her springboard, The Voice coach is ready to rebound. Read about the proud diva’s fresh start and her transformation below — plus, hear details of her upcoming album!


While we’re thrilled that the “Crazy” songbird has taken a turn for the better, as Christina rattles on about her fresh outlook on life, the once “Dirrty” pop star sounds less like a voice coach and more like a life coach. The girl is dripping with positivity. Here’s an example when she describes boyfriend Matt Rutler:

“I’m a free spirit, so it’s important for me to have someone that supports me living my life and letting me be the woman I need to be.”

“People I’ve known for 10 years see us together and they’ve told me, ‘I just can’t believe the person who’s in front of me, because I’ve never seen you so light, never seen you so happy.”

“…the two of us, we exude positive energy”.

The 30-year old songstress has already gotten co-star Cee Lo Green to collaborate on a track, and now we can anticipate a duet with her reality show “rival” Adam Levine:

“We just recorded a song together. We have a great relationship. It’s a big lovefest.”

On her new life:

“I really think the best is yet to come for me.”

“Anyone who has hardships can get back up again. And it’s really a test for you to overcome those things and make yourself a better person. Turn the other cheek, roll with the punches, digest what’s happened and move on.”

We think Xtina forgot to add, “And a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

While the blonde bombshell could have turned her new found wisdom into a self-help bestseller (which we would be first in line to buy, by the way), we’re glad she’s channeling her experiences into a new album. The photogenic pop star predicts her upcoming LP will be, “very introspective, raw and real.”

What do you think of Christina’s triumphant return?

[Via Toya’z World]