The SWV Ladies Join Chris Brown On The “She Ain’t You” Remix

Good news, 90’s R&B fans (you know who you are) — all is right in the world again. After sampling SWV’s 1993 Free Willy jam “Right Here” for his F.A.M.E. single “She Ain’t You,” Chris Brown has invited the dearly-missed ladies to join him on a remix of the song. Now Breezy’s apocalypse-and-Bieber-free tune — which already had a strong Michael Jackson vibe, thanks to SWV’s original sampling of MJ’s “Human Nature” — has even more of a throwback flavor, taking us back to that En Vogue/TLC-dominated era we wish we heard more of in music these days.  Listen below.

For those less acquainted with this golden age of R&B girl groups, SWV stands for Sisters With Voices. Are Coko, Taj, and LeLee still looking good these days or what?

So are you digging the enhanced early 90’s flavor of the remix as much as we are? Kinda makes you want to cheer for an orca whale making an impossible leap over a rock wall, doesn’t it?

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