Robyn Gets Covered By Sarah Jaffe For ‘Billboard’ Mashup Mondays

We’d find it daunting to attempt to cover a song by the effervescent pop pixie known as Robyn — how can you improve upon perfection? — but we have to give it up to folk artist Sarah Jaffe, who manages to put her own unique spin on the Swedish pop star’s Body Talk track “Hang With Me” for Billboard‘s Mashup Mondays series. Catch Sarah’s stripped down, moving cover after the jump. Now, if she could only replicate Robyn’s glorious dance moves, too.

Sarah Jaffe – “Hang With Me” (Robyn cover)

“There were a lot of favorites [from Robyn’s Body Talk series] that rotated,” says Jaffe, who released her full-length debut Suburban Nature last year. “But ‘Hang With Me’ just kind of stuck. I just love that song. The chorus in particular, the way I heard it, I thought it could make a really sweet and kind of sad folk song. The chords are easy and I like really simple chords that allow the vocal melody to carry the song.”

[Via Billboard]