Kelly Rowland Requests That You “Lay It On Me” In New Track

All three members of Destiny’s Child are dropping albums this year — though Michelle Williams’ LP seems to still be a work in progress than a sure thing — and it’ll be fascinating to study what Beyonce’s 4 and Kelly Rowland’s Here I Am (scheduled for release this Fall) say about how each artist has evolved since their Destiny Fulfilled days. While Bey’s disc mostly focuses on ballads, Kelly’s set of tunes seems intended strictly for the dancefloor. Get a taste of the Maxim hottie‘s potential new single, “Lay It On Me” featuring Big Sean, below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Kelly Rowland feat. Big Sean - Lay It On Me" dl="0"]

Nothing too special here — Kelly’s “Motivation” has the kick and flash this track never quite reaches — but it’s still guaranteed to get people on the floor.

Are you looking forward to Kelly’s new album? Or are you more excited for her new gig on the UK edition of The X Factor?

  • ZMH

    Motivation grew on me, but this generic tune probably won’t…to me it will fit beyonce better….and kelly sounds like robot on this one.

  • eric

    I love Kelly This is your Year.

  • TheCatSeries

    omg, this is a banger for sure
    go kelly!!!

    i sooooooo cant wait till the album
    this about to the be a slow two weeks, lol


  • christabel golian

    Love you kelly this is ur year i can feel it keep it up your doin great Btw love ur song motivation its totally a mover <3

  • shaquaris1435

    i love kelly rowland i am a very big fan like i am her number one fan