David Cook’s ‘This Loud Morning’: Summer Preview

It’s been just about three years since David Cook was American Idol’s It Boy champ, and though we’ve been anxiously awaiting the alt-rocker’s follow-up to his self-titled 2008 major label release, it remains to be seen if the public at large hasn’t already forgotten about him. (Maybe there was a hidden agenda behind recording that Simple Minds song?) The Season 7 winner returns to the spotlight with This Loud Morning, and if all goes according to plan, he’ll be igniting cheers from fans across the country yet again. Jump below to get the lowdown on David’s new set of tunes in our Summer Preview!

ALBUM: This Loud Morning, the follow-up to his 2008 self-titled album, which was released after he won the seventh season of American Idol. (However, David clarified for us in a recent sit-down that he had recorded eight previous albums before Idol, all independently released.)

RELEASE DATE: June 28, the same day we’re treated to new LPs by Beyonce and Selena Gomez & The Scene.

SINGLES RELEASED SO FAR: David has dropped his lead single “The Last Goodbye” (co-written by Ryan Tedder), and has also filmed the song’s video that features him thought to be drowned. (Perish the thought!) He also covered Simple Minds’ 80s classic “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” as the Idol exit song for Season 10, though it doesn’t appear on his album. You can preview his track “Paper Heart” over at AOL Music or just head to Walmart Soundcheck to hear David perform four tracks in addition to his single.

ALBUM PRODUCERS: The LP was executive produced by Matt Serletic (Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul), and besides Tedder, the album features tracks co-written by David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, David Archuleta), Kevin Griffin (James Blunt, Train) and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith).

BONUS: If you pre-order the album at Cook’s official store, you also get an EP called This Quiet Night, which features acoustic performances of three of the album’s tracks.

WHAT THE TITLE MEANS: This Loud Morning comes from a lyric in the song “Rapid Eye Movement”, which closes the LP: “Give me one more quiet night before this loud morning gets it right and does me in.” During our exclusive interview with the singer, David explained that this sentiment comes from a desire to take a break before giving in and tackling important things that need to be dealt with head-on. (See below.)

WHAT TO EXPECT: David dropped his post-Idol album months after winning the competition, so for his follow-up, he had more time to tweak his sound, as well as explore personal matters in his songs:

“With this record, we just had more time. Coming off the road for the first record and immediately going into the second, and really trying to take those experiences that I kind of shelved dealing with, I think, while we were on tour… whether it being the amazing things, like playing for 115,000 people in Manila, or the bad things, like my brother passing away… Those experiences, I dealt with them while I was writing this record.”

TOUR PLANS: No plans as of yet.

OUR THOUGHTS: Three Idol seasons (and three somewhat similar guitar-playing male winners) have come and gone since David had his breakout year, so he’s going to have to work extra hard to get people other than his extremely loyal (and patient) core fan base to be interested in what he’s got in store. Cook’s catchy “The Last Goodbye” is a promising start, but he needs a killer single or an eye-popping video to bring buzz back to his name. We’re rooting for him, though – there’s not a nicer guy out there who deserves every bit of success he gets.

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  • Cassie Bennett-Brown

    Can’t wait until 6/28!

  • malia08

    Well in Manilla, the other David is more popular than Cook. That’s what I know.

  • Tony

    From what we’ve been able to hear so far, I think “Paper Heart” is that killer single to bring David back into the forefront. That song is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait for the album on the 28th!

  • Kat

    I agree on Paper Heart. That song should be everywhere once it is released. The songs in general are heartfelt, deep and rocking. The voice is killer.

  • L

    Big deal. Still not platinum is he

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vicki-Smith/1633726172 Vicki Smith

      Yeah he is platinum, his first record and two singles went platinum.

  • L

    Last post directed to manila08

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sylvia-Coles/1425136782 Sylvia Coles

    So far I am loving every song that has been released off the new record! Can’t wait for the 28th to get here!

  • Sensei

    David WHOOOOOO? This guy is yesterday’s news. He looks like he is 40 years old, all his songs sound alike, his fans are old, fat, fanatic housewives and psychos…. why are we even talking about this has been? Please review someone interesting or even relevant on the music scene… NEXT!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vicki-Smith/1633726172 Vicki Smith

    Well he has a killer video now on vh1. Has a single out on top 40 HAC. Really am not liking the tone of your write-up. Have to say. Gotta do your homework when you write stuff like this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vicki-Smith/1633726172 Vicki Smith

    I just find your intro here snide. Sorry it really irks me. He had platinum successes, was on tour for a year, wrote his album for a year plus. He did not disappear. Apparently again, someone did not do their homework.
    That comment about Don’t You Forget About Me is really out of line.

  • Brandon

    I thought you had heard the CD. I thought this was a review. More like a Idol review.

    The songs I heard on Walmart Soundcheck mostly good. 3 out of 5. 2 of them would of made a better single than the one they picked. I am pulling for David. He’s the last Idol I was interested in. Can’t stand auto-tune crap all over the radio. So I hope David brings it.

  • Alene

    This is in reply to Sensei.. No need to be an a@@hole! If you don’t like the guy..so be it! To each his own! Or are you just bitter because your idol is nowhere now??!!

  • Amarula

    @Sensei. Oh, please. Who are you to judge? He has a wide fan base and that’s what makes him special. Whatever their age and shape, they also have the right to be fans. I don’t blame them. David Cook is an awesome musician and human being. I’ve heard five songs from this new album, and I’m impressed. Also, “David WHOOO?” How utterly humdrum and outdated. No one’s going to buy your fake nonchalance. “Loved or hated, but never ignored. I’m ok, as long as I’m not ignored.” ~David Cook. See, you’re actually contributing to his popularity by reading this article and taking time to comment. So keep it coming. Be careful. Trolls can go into spontaneous combustion from their envy and vitriol. It is known.

  • Anna

    @Sensei I’m a huge fan of Dave and I’m not old, fat, or a housewife. Sorry to burst your bubble….

  • Theresa

    I am any of those! David is a great musician! Can’t wait for this record! He took the time it needed to make a great record! He is better than anyone on the Hot 100 right now!

  • Theresa

    That was toward @Sensei “I am none of those…old,fat, or a housewife but someone who loves good music!

  • Des

    I think two vaguely similar guitar playing winners have come and gone since David won, rather than three. Unless you’re counting the teen Country Bieber, which would be downright silly. Alot of blabber about buzz, and barely a paragraph about the album content. How is this an album preview? Waste of time. I guess I’ll wait for MTV’s preview, which promised to talk about the actual music.

  • Maria

    Ummmm … what is the point of this article? Did you like it? Have you heard any of the songs at all?

  • Ina

    Sensei, if all you care about is who is relevant or recent then you are not a real music lover. For your information, one need not be famous to be great. There are a lot of great indie bands out there who are a lot better than those on the charts. Great art takes time.

  • Kiran Bhat

    What has age got to do with it? I am 60 years old and I love David Cook’s music. He is the best American Idol ever. Compared to him the only one who could come close would have been Daughtry who unfortunately was voted out.

  • DD

    @Sensei. I hope you DO realise that everyone on this earth will grow old and fat one day!!! Who cares how old a fan is? You might be pretty as hell and have an awesome figure BUT you will grow old too – when the day comes I sincerely hope you will reflect on your actions. Beauty lies within the soul – have you heard that before? It’s about time people like you stop spewing garbage all over the net.

  • jadie

    @Sensei (1) I’ve often heard this word “relevant” brandished about when defining certain artists. People like you just think they’d sound more clever if they use it too. Music is art, and it’s all a matter of taste, therefore highly subjective. What you think is relevant might not be relevant to me, since I look for meaning in songs and they don’t necessarily have to be popular. David Cook is interesting and relevant to a lot of people. It can’t be denied. (2) His songs sound the same? You must be tone deaf. He’s the most eclectic artist I know. (3) I’m eighteen. My mom is a fan too, and I love her for it. Age has nothing to do with it. It just means she has awesome taste. Why wouldn’t she? She grew up listening to rock.

  • annie

    This is such great news! He is a one of a kind talent. I am so looking forward to new music from David FTW Cook.

    David Cook has sold more albums, other than Daughtry, than any other Idol contestant since Season 4. So I certainly think many more than just the extremely loyal core fans are interested in hearing new music from him.

  • annie

    I am curious as to which songs you think sound the same. Time of My Life sounds like Light On? One of them sounds like Bar-ba-sol? Any of those sound like Come Back to Me? Which one sounds like Permanent? Heroes? Lie?
    You have no idea what you are talking about. I think maybe you posted under the wrong article.

  • annie

    My previous post was a response to @Sensei. It did not post correctly under @sensei’s original comment.

  • heather

    gee, dude. if you don’t care for dave cook then why the eff are you on this site and taking the time to comment? huh jackass?

  • heather

    oh yeah, sorry. that was for sensei

  • heather

    you know what dc fans? douche bag sensei just wants to get a reaction out of people and read about himself as people respond… i don’t think he care’s either way… after meeting dave three times and seeing how cool of a human being he is it doesn’t matter what tool’s like sensei say, but that the world is a better place with david roland cook in it. period

  • annie

    @heather, why shouldn’t we respond to posters like @sensei?

    Cook is one of the most successful Idols ever, and one of the 3 most successful in the past 6 seasons. That’s what the article should be about.

  • heather

    I have to laugh every time someone calls him successful. This is very bland and there are no stand out hits. I think he will be very lucky to sell 300K this time around. I guess I just don’t get it, why are fans thinking this is such a great album?? Maybe when I hear the whole album, I will feel differently, but from the clips I have heard I am unimpressed.

  • Leann

    Listened to the album on AOL. Liked Paper Hearts but not feeling too much for some of the others. I will listen to it again because sometimes I get a better impression on my second time around. Music and vocals sounded unbalanced to me. Even so, if just the majority of his fans buy multiple copies, it should do very well.

  • Noelle

    I’m listening to the AOL Full CD listening party and I am blown away. This Loud Morning is a beautiful work of art. It’s 10x better than his eponymous album. There’s nothing quite like it, so even if you’re not a fan, you should give it a try. I love the bookends Circadian and Rapid Eye Movement, both crafted to grab you and take you on a soaring ride for all the songs in between. It’s a complex, haunting, intoxicating, honest, and emotional masterpiece and definitely worth the purchase.

  • Bianca

    Oh c’mon 6/28! Come fast enough! Hearing all the album tracks at AOL made me crave for more. I swear, PAPER HEART is such a strong track, so is GOODBYE TO THE GIRL, uhmm, then HARD TO BELIEVE. But wait, I think ALL THE SONGS IN THE ALBUM are worth dying for just to get a copy in your favorite music bars! I LOVE YOU DAVID! Continue rocking us.I think “This Loud Morning” is more radio-friendly than his self-titled album. More of a new side of rock from David. Anyway, everything about this dude is good. :)

  • Vin

    You’re obviously a classless individual. No need WHATSOEVER for your type of post. None at all. I suggest you go to Finishing School and come back when you’re a dignified person. That is al.

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