Scissor Sisters Writing Music For ‘Fraggle Rock’ Movie

The news that classic kids show Fraggle Rock is being made into a movie is mildly disconcerting, though not at all surprising, being that Hollywood has made it a hobby to adapt and modernize pretty much anything that came out of the 80s. But prospects for the film version of the Jim Henson show just shot right up with the announcement that the Scissor Sisters have been commissioned to write the film’s music.

According to Music Week, Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears and guitarist Baby Daddy have been approached by the Jim Henson Company to write the music for the upcoming film. Can’t you just hear the Scissters’ version of the Fraggle Rock opening theme already?

Mark Fried of Spirit Music (who will be publishing the music) says, “By working with them [Henson] right from the very start it means that we can make music an integral part of the film; as important and as emotionally effective as the filmmaking – helping the two to co-promote each other.”

Finding the perfect artists to create quirky, energetic tunes for their movies appears to be a priority for the company — the new Muppet movie, which will be released this November, features new music written by Flight Of The Conchords’ Bret McKenzie.

The outrageously  fun pop/glam band already has an established relationship with The Muppets, too — here they are performing “Take Your Mama” at the 2005 BRITs on a set made by the Jim Henson Company.

Singing backup watermelons! Amazing! Don’t tell us you’re not crossing your fingers that this movie actually gets made.

[Via Music Week]