Jackie Evancho Brings ‘The Phantom’ To ‘The View’

Pint-sized Pittsburgh diva Jackie Evancho hit up The View today, where she gave another stellar performance — this time it was her Dream With Me cover of powerful The Phantom Of The Opera track “All I Ask Of You.” Every time we see this 11-year-old soprano belt out a tune, we’re not sure whether we should cry or applaud. It usually winds up being a combo of both! Head below to watch Jackie (who was accompanied on piano by famed producer David Foster), and don’t forget that there are still a few hours left to enter our Dream With Me iPod contest!

  • Sherilyn

    This poor girl will have no voice by age 20. Sad. So talented and so much potential. She’s pushing down so hard on her laryanx to make that artificial low, older sound. It’s just not right to waste such an amazing talent.

  • Sherilyn


  • Steve D.

    Sherilyn, I,m glad you know more about Jackies larynx,than the throat specialists, who are hired by Miss Evancho, and her family. I smell a “jealous rat” here!

  • Brian

    Sherilyn, did you know that Jackie sees people at both Juilliard and the Metropolitan Opera who check to ensure that she is doing nothing that will hurt her voice? Did you know that she sees a doctor every six months who checks her vocal cords to ensure that there is no damage being done? Jackie’s parents are doing everything possible to ensure that she is protected and as per her mother, Sony absolutely knows what they have with her and are making sure they don’t do anything that causes damage.

  • Sherilyn

    Steve D.

    I’m not a singer or a performer of any kind. Have no reason to be jealous.

    What I am is an otolaryngologist. Having spent 15 years in this profession I know force on the larynx when I hear it. While that is fine for limited periods, repeatedly, it stunts non-calcified and non-ossified cords.

    No self-respecting specialist would approve of this, unless they’re on the payroll of the record company. I suppose they can find “specialists” to say anything. Certainly, no self-respecting coach from Juilliard or the Metropolitan Opera would take part in this. I looked at Jackie’s website and could find no reference to any such coach.

    She is remarkably talented. A true prodigy. I stand by my comments.

  • Brian

    And time will tell Sherilyn. Oh, and since you responses are relying on your credentials as an otolaryngologist you wouldn’t mind posting those credentials, would you? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  • Bob

    That is ridiculous. Many singers start very early and sing into their senior years.

  • Steve D.

    Sherilyn: Jackies voice coach is one of the best in the world. Her voice coach is Yvie Burnett, from Wales. She was the voice coach for the singers,on “Americas Got Talent”, until hired by Jackie. You don,t seem to understand, that Jackie is a multi-millionaire at only 11yrs. old. I refferd to you as possibly jealous, because you wrote a negative comment, about a little girl. Being a multi-millionaire International Recording artist, Jackie can afford the best throat specialists, and voice coach in the world. If you stand by your comment now, then I stand by my comment, that you are jealous.

  • Warren

    It’s not her lungs or local cords – it’s her BRAIN that makes Jackie what she is.

  • John Thomas Baba

    Jackie Evancho is a musical genius, born with an enormous musical gift. It is her brain that is the root of her talent. Also her stage presence is majestic and beautiful. She is also blessed with physical beauty and a charming personality. Her well adjusted personal growth is the result of two parents who love her and manage her development. I look forward to seeing her performances throughout her life time. I have never seen such an enormous talent like Jackie. I am a fan forever and will collect all her recordings. I love you Jackie and pray that god will keep you free from harm and free from those that seek to use you for commercial profit. Please dedicate yourself to the art and purity of music for which you were born.

  • peacemaker

    Once God give you a gift of talent, use it in the good way. Share that gift to others. Avoid being perfectionist, were only human, Only God is perfect. Sharing your gifted knowledge is good, to apply and help others. I am a fan of Jackie too and wish her the best of health.