Chris Brown Takes To The Streets In “Your Body” Video

While Chris Brown is mulling over the possibility of releasing a hip-hop mixtape before the release of his next album Fortune, check out his new video for his ode to the female figure, “Your Body”. In the vid, Chris walks the streets at night as he imagines rolling around in bed with a body – who’s body? Your body, of course. Watch Breezy stroll through his video below.

Chris Brown – “Your Body”


Not a whole lot going on here, is there? Between this low-budget, no-concept clip and his similarly empty (albeit beachy) visuals for “Should’ve Kissed You”, Brown is apparently aiming for quantity-over-quality.

  • SandeePB

    I love it :)

  • http://www, Art

    I don’t know why but I just can’t stop remembering Rihanna’s photo, where she was bruises and stuff, whenever I see this guy. Don’t know why or how does he still have a career…

  • Me

    Ya, I don’t why either because ever since then SHE’S been GLORIFYING and ENCOURAGING violence. Maybe you need to just stop remembering and start seeing what’s going on now.