Greyson Chance Unveils His Wordy ‘Hold On ‘Til The Night’ Album Cover

With yesterday’s release of Owl City’s All Things Bright And Beautiful and Eminem and Royce Da 5′9″’s Hell: The Sequel, summer album season is officially upon us. And today brings the album cover for Greyson Chance’s forthcoming debut LP Hold On ‘Til The Night (out August 2), which features the Ellen DeGeneres-signed tween sitting on the same word-covered piano featured in his “Waiting Outside The Lines” video.

A press release notes that recent White House Easter Egg Roll performer Greyson wrote “the majority” of the songs on Hold On ‘Til The Night over the past year in Los Angeles, and worked with such songwriter-producers as The Matrix (Hilary Duff’s “So Yesterday”, Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated”), Billy Steinberg (JoJo’s “Too Little, Too Late,” Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”) and Ron Fair (Christina Aguilera’s “Come On Over Baby,” Lady Gaga’s “Speechless”).

In addition to “Waiting Outside The Lines” and “Unfriend You,” new tracks confirmed for the Chance’s debut LP include “Purple Sky,” “Hold on ‘Til the Night,” “Heart Like Stone,” “Summertrain” and “Take a Look at Me Now.”

Will you be picking up a copy of the 13-year-old Oklahoma crooner’s first album?

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  • zyx

    His voice is actually really great. Give him a chance.

  • kc

    he is an amazing singer/songwriter and pianist… for that age,, hes really good :D

  • Stan Walken

    Hold On ‘Til The Night is a masterpiece!
    Rarely does an album of this quality ever appear, especially when the singer/songwriter was only 14 at the time of its inception. Hold On ‘Til The Night is the biggest breath of fresh air and inspiration in years. Greyson’s performance is impeccable and the songs are of stellar quality. Greyson wrote about half the songs on the album. His passionate plea in his composition, “Home Is In Your Eyes”, has moved me to tears many times, as we can all relate to wanting to go back to a happier time, to rekindle a relationship, to feel love again.

    Greyson’s plaintive cries in “Cheyenne” (what a class act!) and his growing passion in “Summer Train”, culminating in a desperate wail, has me reaching for the box of Kleenex! His mastery of those delicate semi-tones, his perfect pitch, tremolo (WOW!) and conveyance of pure, deep, mature, sincere feeling is flawless. His voice is positively captivating.

    Greyson’s joyful, ecstatic mood in “Little London Girl” and “Stranded” is infectious. His energetic, passionate line, “If I can’t be with you, I’d rather be alone” has an emotional intensity and a sense of unwavering loyalty that is truly gripping. The choral middle-eight in “Unfriend You” that goes, “…’cause I should have known right from the start, I’m deleting you right from the heart…” is definitely the “hook” in that song with its hauntingly appealing melody and minor notes. His use of gentle violins throughout the album is very satisfying and very classy, as are the various subtle strains of the synthesizer.

    Greyson Chance could easily become the next Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett, but the emphasis in his career will be on songwriting. If Hold On ‘Til The Night is any indication of Greyson’s songwriting ability, it would suggest that this young artist is capable of producing huge musical hits in his brilliant musical career.

    Hold On ‘Til The Night is the kind of album you will want to play over and over, learning and singing all the songs. The tunes are uplifting, the lyrics are moving. I purchased two copies, one for the car and one for the house; that’s how often I play it!