Rye Rye And Robyn Hit The Streets In “Never Will Be Mine” Video

While we’ve already asserted that there’s no way to improve upon Robyn’s 2005 single “Be Mine,” Rye Rye was totally down with at least reinterpreting the song as slowed-down, dreamy pop-rap number “Never Will Be Mine.” The video has arrived, and it’s absolutely everything a visual for this summer confection should be: simple, colorful and full of both Rye Rye and Robyn. It’s also perfect timing, as the hip female MC will be hitting up our Strike Me Down showcase during the Northside Festival in Brooklyn tomorrow! (Have you entered to win tickets yet?) Watch the video below. Rye Rye and Robyn spend the majority of the Tim Nakashi-directed “Never Will Be Mine” clip showing off the funkier sides of their respective wardrobes while walking through the sunny streets of Los Angeles and busting some dance moves.

Mostly the spunky vocalists are two ships in the night, though there’s one rooftop scene toward the end where they’re in the same shot together.

With a little luck, “Never Will Be Mine” will kill two birds with one stone by providing M.I.A. protege Rye Rye with the breakthrough she’s been aiming for, and reintroducing Robyn to mainstream radio success in the States.

Are you feeling the collaboration between these two?