Lady Gaga Does The Right Thing In Her “The Edge Of Glory” Video

It’s old hat for a Lady Gaga video to shock us, but we’re baffled by the pop star’s simple approach in her video for Born This Way single “The Edge Of Glory”. Remember those hints about Enrique Iglesias-looking doctor characters and the wink to the video being “fishy”? Well, none of that takes place in this video. Instead, we get Gaga wearing leather, fishnets and the wardrobe from a late-80s Spike Lee joint, dancing around a street corner like she’s in Do The Right Thing. It’s the most un-Gaga-esque video she’s given us yet. See for yourself below.

Lady Gaga – “The Edge Of Glory”

The video premiered tonight on So You Think You Can Dance?, and features Gaga emerging from her window to dance on her fire escape, dance in the streets, and dance on her stoop as Clarence Clemons (who is currently recovering from a stroke) wails on the sax.

If this concept feels a bit too simple for the same artist whose previous videos gave us an endless array of Halloween costumes in each one, it might make more sense to consider the clip’s last minute switch in directors. Joseph Kahn, who helmed Gaga’s “LoveGame” and “Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” clips, was initially announced as director, but reportedly clashed with her on set.

According to a tweet by Kahn, “I did NOT direct Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” video. Lady Gaga did.”

Gaga’s choreographer and creative director (and co-director of the “Judas” video) Laurieann Gibson tweeted soon after,”sorry guys there was a slight turn of events on Set” in response to a fan asking why Kahn said he wasn’t the video’s director anymore.

She followed it up with a less apologetic message: “Listen u disrespectful fuck they had an issue on set I don’t lie!!!!!”

Oh boy. We suppose the closest we’ll ever see to that storyline is by rewatching her performance on Le Grand Journal, in which she dons a Mermaid’s tail before men in white coats enter and turn her into a two-legged star.

Are you pleasantly surprised by Gaga’s relatively frills-free video? Perhaps the self-described musical theatre geek is just doing her own spin on the fire escape-dancing number “Out Tonight” from Rent?

  • Alex

    I thought and still think it is one of her best videos. So beautiful and simple. Fits the song perfectly. Might have topped Bad Romance for me. She is amazing and if she did direct it herself she is certainly talented in that regard. Loved the video.

  • kayla

    I agree with Alex. Edge of Glory is a personal simple song about her granddad. The video should not have been big and full with frills. It was a personal video. Gaga made the video the way she wanted and did not sell out but giving us something we predicted. You go Gaga. Love the video so much, so incredibly beautiful.

  • Stacey E

    The fact that it’s not what you were prepared for is what makes it good. I’m always surprised that a girl in her mid 20′s has some of the same musical references that people my age do. That is why she has every right to be a musician, whether you like her or not, because she actually cares about music and not just the stuff aimed at people her age. I was horrified this year in American Idol when they had people proudly declaring that they didn’t know who the Beatles were, yet expected to end up with a recording contract. Those people have no business in the music business. The fact that they never got anywhere on the show is beside the point. If you don’t love music, find another occupation.
    And she also is a true musician, if you ever bothered to look beyond the pop music she currently puts out. (assuming that’s what most people have a problem with) There is proof all over Youtube that she has every right to be right where she is.
    But don’t worry, her next video will probably be as shocking as you want it to be.

  • Why

    I think it’s completely terrible. Gaga or not. It’s wack. LITERALLY nothing happens! Aside from the director and the theme being different, it looks like a set on a Hollywood stage, overkill on the smoke, no dance, no plot, no dancers….it’s just watch some girl in drag grind against a fire escape and kiss a sidewalk. What the heck?

    She’s got $90 million in the bank, go call another director directly out of pocket. She can afford a change in staff!!!

    Love the song though. Hate Gaga’s “I wanna be everything” schemes.

  • manny

    i loved it! its simple , free, and she looks happy..i think its a gread respect for ger grand

  • Leonardo

    i love her she makes awsome videos and she is the most powerful performer acording to forbes magazine and she only released this song to give a taste of that the album had well now its one one the most listened song in a short time go gaga i hoe she can do more videos and write more songs . and please dont hate she has done many things for everyone fans and even the ones who dont like her as much
    Little Monster A.K.A Leonardo.

  • Cheryl Helm

    I absolutely agree. I was born before rock n roll, and that Gaga has her musical roots firmly embedded in the whole of rock/pop history is what drew me to her in the first place. Her talent, her authenticity, her musicality are amazingly deep for someone so young. I’ve seen most of the major legendary performers from Elvis on, and I have to say she’s one of the finest performers and most creative musicians I’ve ever seen. Her musical palette is as broad as the history of contemporary music, and the musical DNA of her songs is amazing. And I loved this video. It’s completely different from anything she’s done before. It’s Gaga, Clarence and New York. Its elegance lies in its utter simplicity and authenticity as an artistic statement by one of our most talented musicians. And yes, you’re right, her next video will probably shock again because it won’t be remotely like anything we’re expecting from her. That’s what distinguishes a true artist from the Hollywood manufactured pop stars du jour.

  • dang

    WTF did she fire joseph kahn??? his videos are AHMAZING! (womanizer, the sweet escape, to name a few) I love Mother monster but she should NOT have fired him!!! The Marry the night video better be AHMAZING, there’s nothing else i can say…

  • Nyan

    Great song. Great video. Although, I know this might sound weird because she does it all the time, to me it seemed she aimed for sex appeal in the video more than anything else because most people don’t want to see somebody dance on the streets/fire escape by themselves. I would’ve been alright but right there in the last few seconds, there was a quick shot at her chest which I thought was unnecessary. Despite that, it’s great.

  • supermariah

    Plain Boring from the Freak star

  • Minsk

    i love it=) everything is simple – New York, Gaga, Clarence..Cool video as memory for Gaga`s Grandpa

  • Justin M.

    Well . .. I do love that it is simple. The beautiful visuals of the video go perfectly well with the song. I do, however, feel dissapointed after I have been anxiously awaiting something “fishy” or mermaid-ish. I was so excited for some creative under-water interpretation of this song! I would be lying if I said this video wasn’t a bit of a letdown :(

    That said, the video is lovely. No one would be complaining if all us little monsters hadn’t been promised something “fishy!”


    My comment: FAIL.

  • Xadax

    Such Delusional Monsters. Its deffo a poor rendition of R-E-N-T.

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    I actually enjoyed this video way more then the last 2 videos, the song and the video totally match well, way to gain back some faith from me Gaga.

  • Drayke

    I loved it. Nostalgia overload for this late-20s guy in the best possible way. I do however think Laurieann needs to stop interacting with the public on Gaga’s behalf (sorry Laurieann, I love your work as a choreographer and director but everything you say in regards to Gaga seems to backfire.) Anyway, that’s not a complaint related to the video itself, so I can’t really count it against the video. Overall, I thought it was beautiful and refreshingly simple. Oh and Gaga somehow managed to make that hair and outfit work for her big time. How the hell does she do that??

  • MaRihanna

    I love it. It is simple and totally estetic. Reminds me on Rihanna video by it;s simplicity, but still beauty!

  • Richard Craig Morales

    This is probably my all time favorite song of hers currently, so I had high hopes for the video. I was a bit underwhelmed and it’s not my favorite clip of hers. I will say that it’s shot beautifully. I just wish there was at least one more storyline going on.

    I really loved her look on American Idol. I also think the few shots of her in the Google Chrome commercial that has her and uses a shortened version of the song was much more entertaining and felt more epic… as if she was on the edge of glory running to the other side.

    Ahhh well, can’t win em all. Can we get a clip for Marry the Night next please? :P

  • ZMH

    The edge of the glory is actually song i really like…it has a classic, nostalgia feeling to it, and a big single along chorus, pretty much like the magic formula of katy perry’s teenage dream. but instead of made a matching video she gave us this great does of tranquilizer…IHI HIB Y&&)I)…ah sorry, i just feel on sleep on my keyboard while typing above.

    PS, i’d like to know about any crazy fan interpretation of any symbolism that may or may not be there.

  • Jack Bauer


    I almost fell asleep

  • Jack Bauer

    Lady Gaga is an oversexed hermaphrodite whore. I was hoping she would fall out of the window and break her neck :)

  • jules

    i normally love everything she does but this was so bad and boring!

  • Gabriel Haze

    I think you kind of answered her own point… she has $90 million in the bank so why not use it? Truth is, and I am saying this as nicely as possible (coming from a director’s point of view myself) it is and always has been about the music. Sure, she could have busted the bank on another video, but at the end of the day she isn’t going to always pander to people who need to having overly indulgent visuals because they lack the creativity to see it how they want for themselves.

    It’s art, her perception – not ours (yours). When you emotionally sign up for the Gaga express you come to the realization rather quickly that she is stands for everything that isn’t expected and understood. Truth is, she has made more decisions on her career as an artist than 90% of the puppets performing for us in mainstream media and the relentless backlash from them prove it. She doesn’t attack others, they come knocking on her door out of pure frustration and lack of their own freedoms while she enjoys an fan base that loves her for her regardless of whether or not she spends millions on a music video.

    Look closer at her other videos and you will see flaws all over the place. Flaws that artists like Katy Perry, Aguilera & Spears wouldn’t have because they DO PAY millions to have an overcompensated amount of staff feather dusting every crevice of their being to look like Barbie dolls. Her ability to create raw imagery and not bankrupt the institution while still having enough left over to participate in many other business ventures is precisely why he industry doesn’t like her… she’s free.

    I will not tell you that this is the MOST interesting video she has ever done. However I respect her decision as an artist to present it the way she has, simple and well executed. And if people are going to not like her because she didn’t live up to their expectations, then I have to wonder what they were liking her for to begin with.

  • http://hotmail jade

    na judus is her best song got it on my phone i do like that song though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha

  • Kim

    Boring video.

  • dee

    As we all now know, Clarence Clemons has left this world and is playing that Sax for a more prestigious audience. If nothing else, listening to him jam makes the video worth watching. And what’s wrong with a simple dance video anyway?

  • asu

    true this video is her least explosive and shocking
    but the song is about life and celebrating what you have
    it also represents death and how one must live life to the fullest

    she chose to make a simple video last minute because she didn’t want to disrespect clarence because he was in the hospital recovering
    plus clarence passed away a soon after the video was released

    it wont win any VMAS this year but i understand the simplicity of gaga wanting a video of just her and clarence because it was sort of a tribute to his life

    clemons is now gone and i will be praying for him RIP CLARENCE CLEMONS

  • alexa Parcs

    The edge of the glory is a great song! well done video..Lady Gaga is simply fabulous and she inspires me a lot coz I love to sing too! I found this fan page where I met other little monsters like me who share the same gaga-singing passion –
    They’ve got a Gaga Lyrics Lounge where I can just sing my heart out! Oh I like, like, like it so much!

  • Harrry94

    I hope they will work again together: Gaga and Laurie Ann… That’s important!
    R. .I P. ,CLARENCE CLEMONS – Big Man!!!!

  • paintitblu

    soooooooo Sweet!……………