Weird Al Raids Lady Gaga’s Closet In “Perform This Way” Video Preview

We know Weird Al Yankovic’s video for his Lady Gaga-skewering single “Perform This Way” would be a treat, and today we get a peek at just how delectable his clip will be. In this preview, Yankovic’s head is superimposed on female bodies, and though most of Al’s outfits are direct lifts from Gaga’s endless array of bizarre outfits – the meat dress, the Fame Monster album cover haircut – but we love the nod to Katy Perry’s eyeball boob dress, too. Basically, this preview is already more entertaining (and has better costumes) than all five minutes of “The Edge Of Glory”. Watch below.

Weird Al Yankovic – “Perform This Way” (Preview)

UPDATE: Another preview released! Now with more nun.

“Perform This Way” is the lead single from Weird Al’s Alpocolypse, which drops June 21.