Lupe Fiasco Spars With Bill O’Reilly Over Obama Terrorist Comment

Outspoken “Words I Never Said” rapper Lupe Fiasco continues to raise eyebrows following his controversial CBS News interview where he labeled President Barack Obama “the biggest terrorist.” One surprising defender of Obama in the debate has come in the form of Fox personality Bill O’Reilly, who claimed last week that Fiasco had repeatedly turned down requests to appear on The O’Reilly Factor. However, that all changed when the two finally had it out on air last night.

O’Reilly scolded Lupe by saying, “You are over-simplifying and bringing a message to people, younger people, as I pointed out, who admire you, that is a message that is not true.”

Fiasco fought back:

“So to say that the President of the United States Of America, all of them — not just Obama, because I’m not trying to undermine him — and him being a terrorist is just one label. He’s many things. Like you said, he’s a protector, he’s a father, he’s a mix of other things. Me just recognizing that one particular attribute of him is not me trying to undermine him or undermine my constituency or spread lies or spread rumors for the sake of anybody. I don’t care about the GOPs or the Democratic party. My point is the people…”

This was all before Lupe took O’Reilly up on broaching the topic of changing the name of The O’Reilly Factor to The Fiasco Factor.

Oh, boys.

For more of Fiasco’s political rhetoric — though with a much more toned-down, comical tone — check out his recent appearance on The Colbert Report.

  • Jesse

    Why do you have to use the word “rhetoric”. Lupe’s speaking truth. He’s not being rhetorical – he’s engaging in a dialog (more or less, Fox News allowing with their sketchy editing). Hey Idolator – you should pick your words better.

  • Casey

    Fiasco is absolutely ridiculous! It makes me wonder how many Americans know why we are in Afganistan. We have soldiers dying for a cause that is completely misunderstood and falsely represented by the media. Who cares what some random rapper thinks anyway..ask a minority small business owner like myself and Fox would get a much better feel of what the average American thinks!

  • Jennifer

    What an idiot. He should stick to rapping.

  • Thomas

    YOU’RE AN IDIOT. You should stick to being silent!

  • Nav Mangat

    Sorry to say but bill o won this debate, he had lupe scrambling around for words in some parts and I feel lupe didnt convey his thoughts that clearly. But its no big surprise, this is what bill does, this is how he makes his living….debating by speaking over the other person, not letting them make their points, putting them down as he did with condescending line to lupe “you know what fallacious is”, he also sets up the other person into traps, where the other person doesnt look good, and that trap may have nothing to do with what the actual debate was about. Hence why he usually looks like he wins his debates. Lupe didnt do that bad however, but like I said this is bill’s world and lupe was completely out of his element here. However those that know the rules of the game, that bill likes to play do sometimes put bill in his place, example being that debate he had with jon stewart, he shut bill o reilly up real good, you tube it from like a month or so ago, they were debating about, no surprise here another rapper common.

  • Michael

    If you’s watch the un-edited version instead of the crap edited version Lupe wins hands down. Bill doesnt wish to interview him his sole purpose is to attack what Lupe is saying. We know the truth. Keep tellin the truth Lupe!