Listen To 16-Year-Old Alicia Keys Sing Previously Unreleased Song “Typewriter”

The extremely photogenic Alicia Keys’ reissue of her debut album, Songs In A Minor — 10th Anniversary Edition drops next Tuesday, and the three-disc set features all of Alicia’s original songs from that LP, as well as remixes, demos and unreleased material, including the tune, “Typewriter”. The song was originally recorded in Keys’ apartment in Harlem in 1997, which would make her 16-years old at the time. Why, she was just a wee bit of a thing back then! See how teenage Keys compares to the phenomenal talent we know today by listening to “Typewriter” after the jump.

Alicia Keys – “Typewriter”

“You’re my typewriter / I write to you what I am thinking / You capture what I’ve said,” sings Alicia on this soulful ode to her writing utensil. It’s incredible to think she was just a teenager when this song was recorded, as her vocals and harmonies are as top notch as they are today. Though if she did record this track in 2011, it’d probably be called “My Twitter”.

Head to AOL Music to stream Alicia’s special edition disc.