Britney Spears Has A Naughty Daydream In “I Wanna Go” Video

Every bit of spark we thought was still missing from Britney Spears during her Femme Fatale live show is there in spades in her delightful (and flat out funny) video for “I Wanna Go”, which touches on so many random bits of pop culture – Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, The Terminator, Half Baked — and features an array of jaw-dropping moments (Brit squeezing a fan’s butt! Brit flashing a cop!), we think we’re the one’s daydreaming. Watch below!

Best of all, Britney, who focuses her energy on being too darn cute (and deliciously naughty) instead of having to worry about dancing, is in on the joke and loving it all. Shame on us for ever doubting Brit’s enthusiasm!

Britney Spears – “I Wanna Go”

One question, though — since when does Britney do press conferences?

  • Virtue

    The video is so cheap and 2001. It could work for Selena Gomez video i.e.
    But Jesus, she’s 30 years old and this is appropriate for noone but some 16 year old newcomer!

  • ZMH

    you can chopped off her face (calm down brit fans, not literally) and stuck avril’s on it. nobody will suspect. from the clothes to her hair. it’s completely avril.

    But i like its sense of humor (or silliness?) and britney’s body.

  • MaRihanna

    It’s a total childish and silly rip off of Pussy Cat Dolls When I Grow Up collides Avril Lavigne!

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    Lol I think Virtue has some serious Britney issues to work out, always getting on her articles and hating on her. The Video is awesome, its not cheap at all, and she looks like she had a blast doing it. I have a feeling the special effects during the mic tossing scene were not cheap buddy.

  • Virtue

    I don’t have anything against Britney. Once I was a fan, but I’m not anymore 14 years old, because this cannot be taken seriously by anyone but teenager.
    It’s a total regression to a teenage popstar she isn’t anymore. So I just said: it suits Selena Gomez, not Britney Spears.
    Beyond it, I am a fan of pop music and I simply don’t like the way BS career goes, and this is not BS fan site, it’s my favourite music site, so I am allowed to share my thoughts on pop music and topics.
    It’s not personal insult to anyone, I’m talking here about pop and pop being art, that I cannot found in her latest efforts.


    I am very happy for Britney. With every video she brings something brand new, fresh breathe. Here she is coolest, sexiest, funniest. I like her sense of humor, her behaviour and that she doesn’t care about all the sh*t of her dancing She’s still got a lot of energy and enthusiasm. WELL DONE, GIRL!!!
    And she is not like Avril or Pussy Cat doll as some wrote. Some users here just love finding negative moments in every Britney’s step.
    Well, Britney, we love you. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  • Justin M.

    What a funny and completely entertaining music video! I love the milk scene! So random and funny! I love that Britney and Katy Perry took a goofy twist on their recent music videos. It’s perfect for summer!
    This song rocks! I hope it skyrockets up the charts . . . it actually deserves to :)

  • Nyan

    I agree 100% with Justin M.

  • Ellie

    This is very childish, it shows that her sense of humor is immature. She does look like Avril and her hair is a the exact as Christina Aguilera’s in 2000 at the vma’s when she sang w/Fred Durst. It looks like she can’t let go the the time where she was really in and had everything going great for her and that was way back in the day. Look, I’m all for laughs and humor, but this was just sad.

  • Ephyne

    Haha, I actually love this! I was surprised by how light it was; very catchy and just pure fun. Love her humor, too. (Obviously some people don’t get it–Loosen up. And please, you’re entitled to your opinion, but stop acting like you know what everyone should be or shouldn’t do.)

    And, I love how more and more celebrities are rebelling against and figuratively beating up the media and paps. They deserve it. Much of the media is full of crap these days, taking advantage of people and situations to sensationalize them and make money (versus giving us quality or at least honest information). Also like the new trend/message I’ve seen developing to live and let live.

    Glad Britney’s enjoying herself. c;

  • jake

    lol shes 29 [=