Britney Spears’ “I Wanna Go” Video: Your Pop Culture Guide

Britney Spears must spend a lot of her free time watching movies and TV, because the femme fatale’s daydreams in her  “I Wanna Go” video pull an awful lot of content from pop culture. The fun clip, directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, gets inspired by everything from stoner flicks to action thrillers to Spears’ own IMDb profile. Jump below to educate yourself on all the pop culture references in Brit’s newest vid.

#1. Britney rumors.

britney spears i wanna go2

The reporter’s question, “Is it true you banned junk food, smiles, candy, sunshine and laughter from your Femme Fatale tour?” is referencing rumors like these. He forgot to mention alcohol, too. Or maybe booze wasn’t banned from her tour after all?

#2. Half Baked

This is the NSFW scene from the 1998 stoner comedy Brit was referencing in the opening scene. They even got the fast food crown!

#3. Britney’s Disney past

britney spears i wanna go6

Nice nod to her days working for the Mouse House.

#4. Crossroads

britney spears i wanna go4

This reference to Britney’s critically panned film from 2002 make us literally laugh out loud. If the Crossroads sequel is anything like this video, we’re all for it!

#5. The Terminator

britney spears i wanna go5

That red glowing robot eye is straight out of Arnold’s eye socket.

#6. “Thriller”

britney spears i wanna go1

A direct reference to the very end of Michael Jackson’s legendary music video. Not the freshest pop culture reference, but hey, why not?

Did we miss any? And is Guillermo (the very same Guillermo from Weeds!) pouring milk all over himself a reference to something, or is it just plain weird for the sake of being weird?

  • Arturo Hernández Martínez

    This video is so good! But I hope people really apreciate its content, Britney finally seems to be more aware of herself and she doesn’t look as robotic as in her past two videos! Good for Brit! Oh and the song is sick! :D

  • Brandon Hall

    Yeah the milk thing was so random to me, it was a nice video though, she seemed to alot more alert with this video than anything in recent years. Her makeup seemed a little weird to me she at times looked like an older lady trying to look younger and at others just looked great.

    But what was with the weird I love Rock N Roll moments. Seemed completely out of place and she certainly didn’t sell that role at all in those clips

    When shes not failing at dancing she can make an entertaining video. But we all know she had virtually nothing todo with the concept. Oh well. Its a nice video. Will I be watching it over and over again? No.

  • Kate

    Does anyone know what the milk means?

  • Why

    I’m pretty sure the microphone had something to do with her voice and performing live.

  • Ceevox

    Definitely with her voice and NOT performing live.

  • vertigoshtick

    Ke$ha – cheese – rainbow gun battle
    Britney – milk – paparazzi gladiators
    What’s next?
    Madonna – butter – wizard’s duel vs. aging crones
    Katy Perry – whipped cream – gummi bears … wait…

  • Dora

    There is also a very obvious reference to Avril Lavigne: the pink streaks in her hair, and the vid for Sk8er boy: Britney standing on the top of the car.

  • Kar

    Britney is clearly copying Avril’s style, can’t Britney be original, I guess not.

  • camille

    LOL &ure clearly an idiot -.-’ britney had this look and strikes in her hair in 2003 lmao avril was had a brown hair back then, whos copying now? [;

  • camille

    avril had*

  • Maybe it’s just because I have a dirty mind, but the milk scene looked very wrong to me. lol.