Adam Levine And Christina Aguilera Move Like Jagger On ‘The Voice’

With the finale of The Voice approaching next week, things are flying along full speed ahead. Last night we saw performances from the remaining eight contestants while coach Blake Shelton taking the stage to belt out his country hit “Honey Bee” and Adam Levine being joined by his band Maroon 5 and fellow coach Christina Aguilera for a performance of their new single “Moves Like Jagger.” Watch below!

The Voice kicked off last night with Cee Lo and Adam having to whittle their respective teams of four down to two. America voted to keep Vicci Martinez on Team Cee Lo, and the coach himself saved Nakia. So we said goodbye to country crooner Curtis Grimes and bubbly California sister act Tori and Taylor Thompson.

Viewers voted to keep smooth-voiced Javier Colon on Team Adam (no surprise there), while Levine chose Casey Weston (that was a surprise) over on-hold med student Devon Barley and country dude Jeff Jenkins.

The remainder of the two-hour episode consisted of the final eight contestants performing numbers that were either chosen for them by their coaches or ones they lobbied to sing themselves. We’ll just make it really simple and say that Vicci Martinez totally ruled with her stirring, drum-heavy rendition of Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over.”

Witness for yourself:

Some ho-hum performances filled the night, including Frenchie Davis‘ dance club makeover of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer,” Casey Weston’s wobbly take on “I Will Always Love You” (which she tried to land somewhere between the Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston versions) and young Xenia‘s snoozy “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.”

An interesting moment came from Nakia, who Cee Lo tasked with Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me.” When commenting afterward, Adam Levine said, “I’m actually not familiar with that song but you forced me to like it.” Okay, we gave the guy a break — maybe Adam hasn’t turned on a radio in the past year or so, right? Unfortunately, Levine probably didn’t score any points with Lambert fans when he also noted, “I’m pretty sure that, although I haven’t heard that song before, that you probably sang it better than the person that sang it originally.” Ouch.

Whataya think of that, Glam Nation?

Three other solid performances came from Dia Frampton, who gave her own twist to R.E.M.’s 1991 hit “Losing My Religion,” Beverly McClellan (she played piano and sang B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone”) and Javier Colon (Coldplay’s “Fix You”).

Here’s Maroon 5 and Xtina doing their disco-pop single “Moves Like Jagger.” Adam got all dressed up for the occasion, while Aguilera looks like she’s ready for a night with the girls at a slumber party.

Coming up tonight: the first ever results show for The Voice, where audience votes are somehow blended with coach scores (no, we don’t understand either) to determine which team members will remain. We’ll take a wild guess that it’s going to be Dia, Javier, Beverly and Vicci left standing once the numbers are tallied up.

Who do you think will make it through to next week’s finale?

  • bkap

    TEAM CEE-LO!!!!! Can’t wait to see him at the Afro-punk Festival in Brooklyn this year (8/27 & 8/28). The Afro-punk festival is going to be sick this year AND its FREE ! Check out the line-up here:

  • Brandon Hall

    I caught that immediately when it was spoken about Lambert, that was certainly some type of jab he seemed to go out of his way to make those completely unnecessary comments. Not sure what the beef is there I like Maroon 5 but tossing disses at Adam Lambert is unacceptable. Maybe hes just bitter that Christina commends all the attention on the show and this is his cheap way of getting some type of press. It Irks me.

    But what a stellar night I like all but one performance, Xenia from Blakes team is just not ready for this. It was so painful to watch her perform she has a great voice but shes not not adapting at all.

    Frenchie finally started winning me over, and I desperately wand Beverly McClellan to win it all shes so fantastic and refreshing. She blew me away yesterday. Team Xtina is slaying

    • Brandon Hall

      Typos =/



  • DJ

    I agree. What is Adam Levine’s problem? He is a wonderful singer, but appears a bit petty and is especialy rude toward Christina. As you can see she just comes on stage and dominates the performance, as she is an exceptional talent all around. If he can’t take the heat, he should get out of the fire. Christina’s talent is unstoppable. She is awesome.