Kina Grannis “Valentine” (Electrolightz Remix): Idolator Premiere

Singer-songwriter Kina Grannis recently re-released her LP Stairwells, and one song on both versions that stands out is her sunny single “Valentine.” The track is a heartfelt “I love you” to a special someone that the artist delivers with acoustic guitar licks and hand claps atop of a bed of warm harmonies.

“I wrote ‘Valentine’ while killing time being antisocial the night before Valentine’s Day,” Grannis tells us. “All my friends had gone out to a party and I opted to stay in and hang out with my guitar.” Now put on your dancing shoes and head below to hear the unreleased remix of the song by L.A.-based electro-hip-hop outfit Electrolightz. Fans of Lady Gaga will be familiar with Electrolightz from their remixes of “Telephone” and “Judas.” They also worked up a clubbed-up version of Wynter Gordon’s 2010 dance hit “Dirty Talk.” (Download their mixtape Bang With The Lightz On.)

Here’s Electrolightz’s sweeping mix of Kina Grannis’ “Valentine”:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Kina Grannis – Valentine (Electrolightz Remix)” dl=”0″] Grannis explained to us where her mind was at when she wrote the song:

“It being the day before Valentine’s, all anyone had been talking about all day was either 1) what amazingly-special plans they had for tomorrow, or 2) what a stupid Hallmark holiday Valentine’s Day was. The song kind of came out of me as a response to all of that. Yes, it is an arbitrary day, and yes, we should probably be showing the people we love that we love them everyday (and why don’t we?), but hey, I’ll take the excuse to celebrate loving people once a year, because why not?”

We hear you, Kina.

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