Christina Aguilera Sings In Spanish On New Song “La Casa”

Jagger-meister Christina Aguilera got in touch with her Latin roots on 2000′s Spanish language album Mi Reflejo, and now the chanteuse, who is of Ecuadorian heritage, is singing en espanol once more. Her new song, “La Casa” (aka “The Home”), comes from the soundtrack for the upcoming Will Ferrell movie La Casa de Mi Padre, and the bilingual Xtina practically drowns us the melodrama (even more than usual!) yet still manages to maintain control over her incredible vocals. Be wowed below.

Christina Aguilera — “La Casa”

The song, with horns blaring and Xtina emoting the whole way through, is a sexy yet melancholy mariachi melody. It’s full of passion, feeling, and Aguilera’s flawless voice, something her last LP Bionic mostly lacked.

As for the song’s lyrics, well, we admit we aren’t fluent in Spanish, but Will Ferrell (who, evidently, is fluent) might be able to tell us what Xtina is singing about. Watch the trailer for La Casa de Mi Padre below.

  • Andrés Linares

    Wait a minute, If Will Ferrell’s Spanish is fluid, then Borat has the best english I’ve ever heard.

  • lo

    fluent, not fluid, babylove.

  • Xadax

    Wait, so you don’t feel (passion, feelings etc.) anything on songs like Little Dreamer, Birds Of Prey, Stronger Than Ever, You Lost Me, Lift Me Up? My, my, something’s definitely wrong with you Idolhater – you did not understand the concpet of Bionic at all (yet you’re criticizing it, what? I don’t get it.)

  • Sharis

    I agree with Xanax, seems like you guys didn’t even bother to hear Bionic and you’re bashing it, because of all bad promotion it got in media ( thanks for that PHilton:/ ). Seems like it’s hard to have your own opinion – let’s just follow the others:/

    P.S. La Casa is beautiful.

    • Becky Bain

      Oh, I listened to Bionic. And I said “mostly” because there were one or two songs (“You Lost Me”, particularly) that were fantastic. But one or two out of like, 17 tracks isn’t enough.

  • Sharis

    I agree with XaDax * ;)

  • manal

    She is beautiful.

  • lola

    l liked bionic, but i happened upon stripped yesterday and — MAN — what an effortless album. I’m not a Christina fan who pines after the old days. She’s rad and takes risks, approaches artists she wants to work with (back then, it was Alicia Keys, Redman, Linda Perry, etc). But there is a passion to her singing songs like Walk Away and The Voice Within, etc. I think what bogged down Bionic was the strangest ordering of songs. After Vanity (talking about getting wet) her son tells her she’s owns the throne? Just random. And there are good songs, but there’s a raw effortlessness to some of her past songs where they felt like her own, not Christina singing a mediocre Sia ballad. i mean, listen to stripped and how one song just goes to the next, how the blues sound heartfelt like she had something to prove, say. Bionic, which I still like very much, doesnt have such smooth FLUIDity.

    La Casa is bomb.

    You know, whenever babygirl has a rough year, we get an awesome album. (by ‘rough year’ i mean ‘portrayed as a rough year by media’; i’m relatively certain she’s having a damn good time being the wonderful woman she is!)

  • schroeder


    Bionic is not Stripped. She was trying something new. I didnt care for a few songs on that album but that was the same for all of her albums. She has some stellar songs on there. I agree that p.hilton headed that album to fail. Maybe if she choose a different single … dunno

    love and glamour
    prima donna
    x for breakfast

    all sucked to me but the rest of the album, the delux is great. Give the girl a break for doing something new.


  • Secret Name

    Love Bionic. Stripped of course rocks the house any day. I mean Can’t Hold Us Down, Walk Away, Fighter, Dirrty, Beautiful, The Voice Within to name just a few incredible songs on that album! WOW! Will this song be in the opening credits?

  • Lauren

    prima donna was fabulous! i agree on all the others, though. monday morning was amazing and should have 1)been on the non-deluxe version, AND 2) released as a single… it was so different!!

  • CNA

    We may not understand a word but La Casa is a beautiful track. What matters is the melody and the music, along with the touch of Aguilera. :)

  • Michelle

    The problem with Xtina is that she is missing her style. She has been wandering too much, never really had some style or the way she brings that style you can say “that’s Xtina”. And it’s not Perez fault for negative publicity, it’s her own fault. I remember seeing this promo intewrview for the 1st time, I was really shocked how fake she was and kinda arrogant, without possibility to back it up, she sounded so stupid!

    And she was very infriendly toward other female act from Britney to Gaga and Katy Perry and she made her own negative publicity, she was trying later to make it up by saying that media set her up, but acttualy she was so negative toward Gaga and Katy success that she started fueling fire on them, without reason.

    The major problem with Bionic is that it was DESPERATELY trying to sound cool, so the final result was it is so booooring.

  • Xadax

    @Michelle: Get your sources right. Bionic was even before Gaga or Katy. Have you heard her inspirations? Ladytron, Sia, Goldfrapp = REAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC ARTISTS. She even said , she’s tired w/ her usual singing style so she changed it & yet you say she’s desperate?! Please (again) get your sources right.

    Yes, Perez was big factor.

    She’s not even insecure with these new comers. The media has mixed you up like Idolhater here for example. Just listen to all her songs, she’s an inspiration – she will not give in to any person just because its not what they want.

    Her work speaks for itself on how thick skinned she is – that’s how she was brought up & I love it!

    I never thought you would be so dumb to be fooled @Michelle – so dumb. Tsk tsk tsk

  • Oliver

    I like stripped anny tracked could be a single. I also like Bionic, nice songs in there from ballad to dance. love it! i like katy perry. Im ok with gaga. Xtina is the best. I hope katy or lady gaga will work with christina! awesome pairing… i never heard Xtina talking sh*t bout those two artist actually.

  • Beth

    You hit the nail on the head. Rotten entitled bitchy attitude. She got what her poor product deserved.

  • Beth

    Go back to ALD Xadax… Stop making excuses for her lazy, self entitled, rotten, spoiled, gum throwing, rude, jealous, arrogant, don’t your dare interrupt her interview, nasty attitude. She is a basher when she feels threatened and she got what her poor product deserved. She is a back to basic biiiiitttch.

  • Xadax

    Ignorant like Michelle @Beth. Get your sources right. Don’t let the media (Idolhater) take you. Pweh!

  • Reita Miyazaki

    The blog was how do i say it, relevant, finally something that helped me. Thanks