Sky Ferreira Casts A Spell In Her “Witching Hour” Photo Shoot

Jun 25th, 2011 // Comment
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Sky Ferreira does not bother or bewilder us, but she sure is bewitching — especially in her new “The Witching Hour” fashion editorial for Style Caster. The “Traces” songbird takes on a very different look than the fun, frisky, girly styles she recently sported in the pages of Wonderland, a dark and brooding Pagan-inspired series of snaps and illustrations shot by Hugh Lippe and styled by Martha Violante, featuring lots of black-and-white with a few bright bursts of color (and the young starlet looking like she might burst into “99 Tears” at any minute). Head below for a couple more pics and a link to the full editorial.


Think all the high-end fashion and accessories Sky wears in the shoot were just sketched in? As if! Prices and designers for all the items, including a $16,000 Chanel necklace, are listed below the photos on Style Caster.


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