BET Awards 2011 Performances

BET’s annual awards showcase took over LA’s Shrine Auditorium in style, and though Chris Brown led the field with the most nominations, it was far from clear that he would own the night. The 2011 edition of the show was packed with emotional moments, like Nicki Minaj’s acceptance speech, and some classy, brassy performances by Mary J. Blige and Jill Scott. (Also appearing: Rick Ross, bare-chested again.) You knew the Beyoncé performance would rock the house, even if it was recorded at Glastonbury — but did Ms. Kelly Rowland steal the show with her (Janet Jackson-inspired?) number? Watch all the 2011 BET Awards performances below.

Mary J. Blige — Medley with new DJ Khaled song “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over”

Rick Ross — “Aston Martin Music” / “Hustle Hard Remix”

Jill Scott — “Rolling Hills”

Chris Brown — “She Ain’t You” / “Look At Me Now”

Alicia Keys — Medley including “A Woman’s Worth”

Big Sean — “My Last”

Trey Songz & Kelly Rowland — “Love Faces” / “Unusual” / “Motivation”

Beyoncé — “Best Thing I Never Had” / “End Of Time” (previously recorded at Glastonbury)

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  • Tony Bell

    Wow Kelly Rowland got her motivation from Janet Jackson 1998 Soul train performance

  • LMG

    it would have been nice to see Beyonce’s performance. I mean, that is why the picture is there right? at least that is why I clicked on this for anyway. Maybe it is in another post…

  • Brandon Hall

    Beyonces performance was fantastic, shes so engaging and fun. When shes performing you cant turn away. Stellar

    Kellys performance was alright, I too was reminded of Janet Jackson during the performance but I suppose that works to her benefit, but it was still a little unsettling for me. However I see a lot of potential there

  • tete

    i know its been heka long i want to wach beyonce

  • tete

    thats not her shes on a screen in eagland does she think were crazy shes the one who is crazy but i got to say she is hittin it

  • Phizzle

    Was this the 2011 BEt Awards or 2010 lol Step it up, no offense to BET Im speaking of the artists and performances. I cant believe we still have the Magnificent Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performing that old crass song with the same choreography… Come on!!

  • serriously!

    Is anyone original anymore??? Kelly was a disappointment. Janet jackson reboot all over that performance. I mean she really had to go there? Is the pressure to outshine Beyonce to much? Was that a “here take that Bey-otch”?

  • Roberta

    I am so disappointed with Beyonce lately! :-(

  • sunshine

    actually kelly perfformance was great i dint lookin for it to b all of that

  • http://gogglechrome jan

    Actually kelly performance was great i dint looking for it to b that much she caught sunshine by surprise

  • http://gogglechrome jan

    the same hay roberta

  • jamie

    Bahahaha! that was the worst awards show ever!!! Even for BET. Kelly was lip syncing worse than ashlee simpson, but at least ashlee owned up to it! What the hell was with the Coca Cola Viewer’s Choice award? terrible. Leave to BET to use twitter and ipads to the point they overshadow the “celebrities” attending. Who are we kidding, the only celebrities there were nicki minaj, chris brown and drake and Beiber and they are all so damn young that they don’t even have celeb credentials yet! Poor steve harvey, he needs some real respect from a real awards show.

  • Michael Morgan

    It’s no secret that award shows are about much more than the dispensing of trophies.
    Your red carpet has to be red-hot. Your nominees and VIPs must be strictly A-list. But most of all, you’d better bring that heat to the stage. I feel so glad that our country owned these talented people! Sooner, I will be one of these guys… my fascinations to play electric guitar can be a big possibility to work with them. I know I can’t sing, but I know how to play a guitar.

  • Mel

    I loved Kelly’s performance, didn’t know she had it in her..Beyonce’s so predictable lately. Alicia, um borrring. Nicki, cut the antics, don’t be silly all the time. but other than that the awards show was quite interesting. At the end of the day, to wach his own. Congrats to all. Chris Brown, WELCOME BACK!! :).. Trey Songz–Naughty by Nature.. I do believe he owns everything he does. Good move Kelly adding him to the end of your performance, quite sexy..

  • ZMH

    no offense, it’s more like the engagement and fun you were talking is the festival high spirit for the most part. it’s still good and i feel it too, but if put her back in the studio and do the same thing, people will probably just go…alright.

    not i’m bashing beyonce, but a VCR taking advantage of the biggest music festival in an award show she didn’t even get a nomination at is pretty extravagant, if not desperate.

    Team Kelly on this one. the moves and the vocal are flawless.

  • moneyinthebank

    @Mel ..if Beyonce’s predictable meaning “she’s always gonna have an outstanding performance”, then..they BeyNation will take that as a compliment. And not as the attempt shade thrown. GO BEYONCE! GO KELLY!

  • chinabroad

    Ms Kelly did the DAMN THANG and Stole the show!!!!!! DIVA MS PATTIE N GLADYS where OH so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  • http://BET wesley


  • Shaun

    Beyonce’s performance wasn’t the best I think she could had did better. Really haven’t felt her music in a while, she don’t get to me like she use to. I don’t know if she has ket her ego take it all away but she sucked. They should had put her at the beginning just to get tjat mess out the way because I was real disappointed to had been waiting for the end thinking she was gonna kill it, but oh well maybe next time Beyonce. As far as Kelly she killed it for the first time although seeing it put me in the mind of Janet Jackson and no one can imitate her but Kelly tried. Great performance Kelly. I just hope this isn’t the only soong on her cd that goes hard. Kelly I sure hope its not gonna flop.

  • http://yahoo moniks

    beyonces performance was hot, shes got killa moves for any type of song.shes killin.kelly that was hot,chris you were good but i hate that song;she aint you

  • michael

    all were good. Kelly Rowland, outshine them all.
    fantastic performance. You Go Girl!!!!!

  • immar alfreds

    2011 bet is not hot like that of 2010 for sure i think that of 2012 wil run the town.but dont u think its better to be held in africa as a suprise!!!!”????? mhhhh!!??

  • mickey

    kelly did her thangggg loveeeee it. u go girl, you was the baddest
    one their. you knock me off my feet. keep working it kelly. hurry with
    that “Lay it on me” video, can’t wait to see it. you BEAUTIFUL BROWN
    BABY. good luck on the american music award, you deserve to win.
    Motatvation was the stuff