Justin Timberlake And The 9 Other Artists We Demand New Music From

Jun 28th, 2011 // 7 Comments

Justin Timberlake’s newest movie Bad Teacher was released in theaters this past weekend, where it scored an impressive $31 million at the box-office. The success of his newest cinematic venture is just another nail in the coffin that was his music career. He’s made it clear that “music is not my focus right now”, but when, JT, when?! As desperate as we are for Timberlake to step back in the studio (and not just for another Lonely Island digital short), he isn’t the only artist at the top of their game who either fled from the spotlight or focused their energy on alternate projects. Check out the nine other acts we’re practically begging to release new tunes.


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    I am all for this one!

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    I cant wait for this, of course she needs to get her act together I wont be supporting meth addicted crack fiend shoot to the top of the charts

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  4. schroeder
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    Blame the Bush loving USA for this happening. They spoke their mands and got shunned. Such wonderful ladies !!!!

    come back soon !

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    Yes I really liked the last album and “All Good Things” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Hurry up Nelly

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    I miss Missy’s fun artistic vision and crazy cool lyrics in rap. Come back soon

  7. A.J.M.
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    What about Dr. Dre? GO WEST COAST! Haha

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