Cobra Starship And Sabi Have Some Photo Booth Fun In “You Make Me Feel” Video

If you’re going to abandon your past sound to blatantly follow the current Euro-dance-beat trend, at least have a good time while doing it. In Cobra Starship’s new video for “You Make Me Feel…”, the lead single from the pop group’s forthcoming album Night Shades, frontman Gabe Saporta has one wild and crazy night with Sabi (she who was steaming like a pot full of vegetables on Britney’s Femme Fatale), as well as a random assortment of other party pals, including rising dance diva Wynter Gordon and Santa Claus. (No, wait, that’s Robin Williams with a grey beard.) Kai Regan-directed vid below.

Cobra Starship feat. Sabi — “You Make Me Feel…”

[Via Just Jared]

  • Hannah Cottle

    OK, while I may not entirely love this song, the music video is hilarious if you get some of the inside jokes. Suarez feeling like Santi is one, and being paired with VickyT being a bathroom slut, this is probably one of my favorite cobra music videos becuase only fans really can get some of the stuff in it.

  • Why

    Damn Sabi is hot. Britney did good.

  • Elenaa

    I cant take any pictures can anyone help??

  • Kayl

    I completely agree with this! I loved the inside jokes, especially Suarez feeling “Santi”.