Listen To David Archuleta’s New Song “Everything And More”

What is this, 2008 all over again? Today we were treated with the sweet sounds of American Idol Season 7 winner David Cook (his LP This Loud Morning finally dropped today), and now that season’s runner-up has some new tunes to check out, too. David Archuleta’s new song “Everything And More” premiered on a radio station in Singapore today, and the Jive-less wonder is going back to basics with some emotional balladeering. Listen to Archie’s latest offering below — and listen closely, since it’s pretty low quality.

David Archuleta — “Everything And More”

We have major love for the adorable singer — almost as much love as he has for Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy — but David, who co-wrote the song with Grammy-winning songwriter Victoria Horn, doesn’t break down any boundaries or explore any new territory with this treacly ballad. It’s about as bland and uneventful as Shania Twain’s comeback single. If he wants to garner some major buzz for a follow-up to his 2010 release The Other Side Of Down, this isn’t the song to get it with.

Then again, who knows — it’s generic and cheesy enough to be the lead single off the soundtrack to some high budget action drama. Does Warrior need a song to play over the credits?

[Via Neon Limelight]

  • djafan

    This is a song that was written a while back during the writing for TOSOD with Victoria Horn and Matt Squire. A release of a gift for his fans and I for one love it. David is working on new music and will be releasing maybe a single or EP but not an album this year. No one’s voice compares to convey emotion like David does IMHO. :)

  • Sydnie

    Well, I love it! Thanks for posting!

  • cassady

    Liked your comments before the video! The ones after the video were kinda rude! I love David and this song was written during the time he was putting his “The Other Side of Down” cd together. “Everything and More” is a great song and I personally love it!!

  • Gail Smith

    He will try new things when he writes new things. This was written a while ago, as Victoria Horn said today over twitter. I still love it though. His voice is so good.

  • VJ

    Yeah, this wasn’t meant as a follow-up to TOSOD. Like the others said, it was written during TOSOD, and probably not a chosen track for the CD. Asia is where it’s being released. Don’t worry, when David releases an actual follow-up, it’ll be exploring new territory. I can’t wait!…In the meantime, this song will work. Can’t say I love love love it. But by the 2nd listen, it’s already grown on me.

  • dreamerjulie

    I love, love, love David Archuleta. This song, not so much. Too cheesy. He’s way better than this song. This, too me, is too bubble gummy. Maybe because it sounds like the demo. Music sounds too manufactured. I much prefer David singing with real band or piano or guitar only. Thinking his future music will have different sound. Always like hearing David music though!!

  • rose

    I agree with dreamerjulie in regard to David singing w/a real band or piano or quitar only. His voice is so lovely, his groups and especially some of his drummers, sometimes drown out his great vioce. Some singers need to be drowned out by their bands………not so with David. Whoever made his musical selections on American Idol knew exactly what David needed to sing to sound great. If David made those decisions then, he did a great job. Many of these Pop songs he’s doing now just don’t show off his amazing talent.. He needs to listen to the people who helped him during Season 7. But now I must add, I love David doing everything and anything.

  • violet4ever

    It’s actually not a new song. According to the songwriters (Victoria Horn and Matt Squire) it’s a old song they liked that was never released. I think it’s lovely. I don’t think it indicates David’s new direction but it’s very nice. David has lots of singles in Asia. There will be a new Other Side of Down album release in Malaysia with 5 new songs for his SE Asian tour. I don’t know if they will be ones we have never heard like this one, or ones that we had heard that didn’t make the album. I just hope we can buy them too!

  • Mari

    I myself love this song and could here it being played on the radio here in the United States.I think this song is way more inspiring than any of the crap you hear on the radio lately or the stuff that gets nominated for the Grammys.You never know this could have been or still could be a serious hit it has the potential to do well.P.S I really disliked your comments on the second part of your review.

  • Deborah

    This kid is the most amazing singer right now and for a long time to come from American Idol. He sings with such beauty and he can sing anything and I think he should stick to the ballads. Best male singer from American Idol since Clay Aiken. He is fantastic.

  • Kathy

    David is the best singer out there right now simply because he can sing, and hearing him live is a real treat! He doesn’t need autotune, backup dancers or glitz. All he needs to do is open his mouth and the magic flows.. I just heard him sing at the Stadium of Fire in Provo Utah over the 4th and his voice echoed throughout the stadium. He sounds exactly like his CD’s. I can say that he is probably the most pitch perfect singer I have heard. Also love him for the kind and caring person that he is.

  • Kathy may

    This is a beautifully sung ballad from David…you should watch him sing this on youtube asian tour. You just believe David period. Everything he sings. And he always makes you feel good. So poo poo on the poster who said this was bland. Nothing this young man does is bland. You are just a jaded metal rocker. Now they are truly boring. They all sound the same. They scream lyrics…yuk. David caresses every word. Incredible sound.

  • http://FOD Gwen

    This song is just beautiful. David can sing anything and it will always be just so amazing. To hear him sing on stage is such a fantastic experience. He puts his heart and soul into every song he sings. The best singer out there today. So many singers out there today are so crude, undressed, autotuned and David is the real thing. What you see is what you get. A wonderful human being.