Lupe Fiasco And Trey Songz Have A Sweet, Sweet Fantasy In “Out Of My Head” Video

You know that old trope in cartoons where a character is starving, and everything they look at turns into something delicious? Well, Lupe Fiasco must be hungry for love, because everyone he sets his eyes on in his video for “Out Of My Head” turns into his girlfriend. Trey Songz assists on the Lasers tune, shouting the chorus from the rooftops (literally). Watch both sizzling performers in their new clip below.

Lupe Fiasco feat. Trey Songz – “Out Of My Head”

Though Lupe’s day mostly consisted of little old ladies, peeing dogs and irate cops, all he daydreams about is his amour. But the affection he has for his girlfriend is nothing compared to Trey Songz’s apparent devotion he has for rocking chairs, as seen on his T-shirt:

trey songz 1

[Via MTV Buzzworthy]