‘The Voice’: Team Adam Levine Triumphs As Javier Colon Wins Season 1

Pop the bubbly (oh, who are we kidding — we’ve been drinking since 6 o’clock), because the very first season of NBC’s hit singing competition The Voice has come to a close, and family man Javier Colon is the winner! Big score for Adam Levine, especially since, according to iTunes over the past 24 hours, it was looking like Colon would come in second place after Blake Shelton’s shining star Dia Frampton. Lesson to be learned: never underestimate the phone votes.

The win is a sweet one for Colon, who had released two unsuccessful albums via Capitol Records in the previous decade before being dropped from the label. He is now the recipient of a $100,000 cash prize for winning The Voice, as well as the newest member of the Universal Republic roster (home of, among others, Colbie Caillat, Owl City, 3 Doors Down and Dev). Dia Frampton was the runner-up, technically, though this show doesn’t really give any awards to the #2 person (that we know of yet).

Watch Javier win The Voice

Throughout tonight’s hour-long results show, viewers were treated to duets between the Top 4 and established recording artists. The rundown: Team Cee Lo Green‘s Vicci Martinez partnered up with Pat Monahan to perform 2001 single “Drops Of Jupiter” by Monahan’s band Train. This was followed by Javier teaming up with spellbinding rock legend Stevie Nicks for a duet of Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s classic “Landslide” (easily the best pair-up of the night).

Stevie Nicks & Javier Colon sing “Landslide”

Later came Beverly McClellan and Ryan Tedder’s “Good Life,” i.e. OneRepublic’s current single, and Dia Frampton and Miranda Lambert’s take on “The House That Built Me.” And, yes — Miranda is Blake Shelton‘s wife. And Dia is Blake Shelton’s team member. And Blake said afterward that Dia is “family to me now.” Awwwwwww.

Miranda Lambert & Dia Frampton sing “The House That Built Me”

We can’t say Javier’s win is totally surprising, as we pegged him as a frontrunner back when he auditioned ten weeks ago with a mesmerizing rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s #1 ballad “Time After Time.” (And I personally felt his original song, the Rodney Jerkins-produced “Stitch By Stitch,” was the standout of all four semi-finalists’ jams.)

Alright, enough of our rambling — we’re off to have another round in honor of Javier! Voice your opinion below and let us know if you think voters got it right by crowning him the winner of the very first season of The Voice.

  • Xadax

    Its because of that Justin f*cking Beiber! Beverly should’ve won!

  • Why

    Watched 2 episodes. :P Waiting for XFACTOR!!!! The real deal.

  • ZMH

    i still think rebecca leobe should have won this show. but that’s team Adam anyway. He deserves it, with his spot on critics and guts to put the truth on the table, unlike some diva in the house.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Hall/1179383854 Brandon Hall

    Javier Colon really? Hes such a basic bitch Beverly is phenomenal she is the trifecta, she has the voice, stage presence and the ability to perform. The title should have gone to her, so upset by this.

  • Carlos

    I already new he was going to win… but he is so boring, Beveerly really brouhht out a show everytime and so as Dia, my personal favoriite. DIA SHOULD HAVE WON

  • jppprue

    Personally as a Black male I thought that America would have been a little more bias toward the Javier bi-racial marriage delema,as I was.I just knew that Beverly was going to win bar-none.I cant get down with the mixed marriages thing and am not affraid to say it.But it just goes to show that gay marriage and a butch lesbian are considered to be much worst in the viewers eyes.Beverly can sing circles around him and bitch slap him at the same time wih he dildo……lol