Chris Brown Tries Planking

Looks like Chris Brown has added another photo to his pile of stellar shots this week. The BET Awards performer uploaded the above pic to his Twitter last night with the caption “Planking!!!”, in reference to the incredibly dangerous Internet meme of the same name. What online trend would you like to see Breezy try out next? Our vote is for coning. [Kids, do not try this at home — not even with parental supervision.]

  • Lamesy

    HURRRR, he’s not even face-down. Talk about a try hard.

  • Daryl

    Who’s going to tell Chris that planking was sooo four months ago?

  • shell517nj

    not an easy task. requires strong abs. cool though #teambreezy

  • Misty Jean

    Really? I’ve only heard about up until two days ago on several urban blogs. I had no idea this has been going on for months! It’s seems to becoming quite popular in the black community. Looks dangerous :S

  • shell517nj

    urban really? planking is a game most popular in Europe and other parts of the world. also called the lying down game it consists of the individual lying face down in an unusual place and being photographed, big on the internet. like with anything else people need to use common sense, which most do not.