Britney Spears Glows Through Her “I Wanna Go” Remix Video

We’re not fully on board with the DJ Frank E & Alex Dreamz remix of Britney Spears’ current single “I Wanna Go” — our beloved whistling is gone! — not to mention the accompanying remix video is just footage from Brit’s original silly clip re-cut together and “warmified” with a glowing yellow tint. Still, far be it from us to withhold a video featuring Britney in any capacity, and despite the lack of whistles, an extra beat certainly doesn’t hurt the song’s chances in the clubs. Remix vid below for your viewing pleasure.

Britney Spears – “I Wanna Go” (Remix DJ Frank E & Alex Dreamz Remix)

Britney’s “I Wanna Go” isn’t charting as well as Team Brit would like — it’s currently at #29 on the Hot 100, though that is a huge jump from last week’s position at #89. This catchy Femme Fatale track really deserves to top the charts, as does “Till The World Ends” — the Ke$ha-penned tune peaked at #3, and fell all the way down to #19. Maybe she would have had better luck with the unstoppable Adele singing over her song?