Ark Music Factory’s Lexi St. George Is Star Struck In “Dancing To The Rhythm”

Ark Music Factory’s CEO Patrice Wilson, tween music’s equivalent to Berry Gordy, hopes to continue riding the success of Rebecca Black’s infectious (though lyrically atrocious) hit “Friday” with the Factory’s latest victim, er, artist Lexi St. George. Hop below to watch the fresh-faced pop star hopeful bop around in her debut music video (or JC Penny commercial, we really can’t tell the difference) for “Dancing To The Rhythm (With Me)” and let us know if Ark has struck highly irritating-yet-insanely-memorable gold twice. We just have one question: what ever happened to Alana Lee?

In the above video, Lexi gets inspired by a newspaper article taped in her locker about the Northern Lights. We had no idea that tweens were so into aurora borialis, or that it was visible from anywhere south of Alaska.


She decides to have a party to celebrate the atmospheric phenomenon. No, don’t invite Ashley Amber!


Glittery star background dance break!!!

Picture 75

Next it’s off to the malt shoppe. Oh, Lexi you’re such a jokester with that straw of yours.


Remember: Today’s special is tomorrow’s Ark Music Factory leftovers.

Mission accomplished. Lexi and pals danced to the rhythm under the stars.


While there’s no arguing that Lexi is as cute as a button, we don’t expect her to be guest-starring in a Katy Perry music video or receive the Glee treatment any time soon. Quick, without looking at the headline of this post, can you even remember the title of the 14-year-old’s song? How about a single lyric? Us either.

“Friday”, for better or for worse, captured a very special moment in time. So, while St. George may have already received exposure on Good Morning America, we’re not sure it will do her any good in the long run — at least not with this song. But hey, she can always lay out a million bucks for a songwriting camp and get the Rihanna treatment!

  • Nyan

    It wasn’t that bad. However, I would expect that she can dance if the song is about dancing. Reminds me of a Miranda Cosgrove song…

  • Record Labels

    I would say whatever Patrice Wilson is doing is definitely working. I would employee him if I where a label.

  • Steve

    Why’s she dressed like Blossom?

  • kenal

    The song is nice…much better written than “Friday”. I wish her success.

  • Kara

    Seriously, Lexi is a WAY better singer, and is Way perttier then Rebecca, and Lexi is more likable!! I think Ark has found the new Britney Spears, can anyone say that about RB??? Haha, RB got famous cuz everyone laughs at her…..

  • Why

    I pretty much loved this. She sounds like A-Teens.

  • Maxie

    She looks scarily like Emma Watson

    • Robert Gootschalla

      I thought this too!

  • Emma

    I don’t think anyone could ever do what Rebecca Black has done. That was like a once in a life time thing and it will be hard for anyone to beat her. Even Justin Bieber didn’t get to 100 million views in less than two months. But, I do wish this girl well. I hope she stays grounded and is not too disappointed if she doesn’t go far.

  • Robert Gootschalla

    I actually think this is a decent song, not anywhere near as bad as “Friday” and at least this girl has emotions in her video, and not one boring emotion.

  • LMG

    Was presently surprised to find out I liked it.

  • http://chatwithkerryperry Teona

    this girl is it try that you sing black friday is it ?

  • Em

    Second (or third) this thought.

  • Naomi

    Great, just what we need; another manufactured wannabe teen pop artist.

  • cwize

    Maybe Mommy and Daddy paid for a more well-written song than Mr. & Mrs. Black did. Or something.
    This is what it is now.