Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Disappoint With New Song “Let Me Down”

It only took five seconds of listening to the chorus to Kelly Clarkson’s new single “Let Me Down” to know the original American Idol wouldn’t be letting us down with her new material. The full song has now found its way online, and even though it may just be a demo recording, there’s no doubt the 29-year old singer has created yet another rousing pop anthem as only she can sing it. (Well, and maybe Pink. Pink could probably work this song no problem.) Listen below!

Kelly Clarkson – “Let Me Down”

“You’re only gonna let me down / When it counts, you countdown / You’re only gonna turn me out / As I burn, you burn out / You’re only gonna make me feel so crazy / But when I think we could be something / You go and let me down, let me down, oh,” sings Kelly. It’s no “SINCE YOU BEEN GOOOOONE!” as far as choruses go, but it’s already stuck in our heads.

It was previously reported that Clarkson’s lead single (presumably this song) would drop in August. But now that it’s found it’s way onto the Internet and into our hearts, best to roll it out a little early, no?

What do you think of “Let Me Down” in its entirety?

  • Yaya


  • Ninjalilly

    Its great! I love Pink, but I don’t think she can hit some of the notes Kelly hits here, especially near the end. Anyway, can’t wait for it to be released.

  • Kirsaha

    hahaha P!NK

  • Carol Austin

    FABULOUS new song from Kelly – just love her voice and dang can she hit some notes. Rhianna can’t sing worth $#$@@$ yet she is so revered as the next “Madonna”….too bad she can’t sing like Kelly – like, I mean, on tune. Kelly’s all time fav or mine is “Because of You” and he duet with Jason Aldean, but this new song is awesome too! Just love her music.

  • Adam

    Song might be okay, but it sounds super compressed. No dynamics. Typical crap modern mastering.

  • Dev

    “modern mastering”? hmm this is a demo as you can tell it has yet to be mastered and fixed up. Her and Adele are the current girls inn radio that are in a whole different vocal league. Such range and power!!

    • Adrian Scott Peterson

      I mean, he’s sort of right. I can’t really tell if it’s a demo because the sound quality of the digital file is pretty crap and frankly a lot of current pop tunes are cheaply/hastily made and sound like this. It’s not a bad pop track, but the dynamics are pretty much the same across the board and super compressed. I have problems listening to modern pop because its so loud, compressed and lacks dynamic range. The ear fatigue…oh the ear fatigue.

  • Flip


    It’s so awsome!

  • jaime

    Oh man I love it. I can’t wait for her to put out a single and new album. I love kelly!!!

  • Stephen

    AMAZING song! I am so in love with it. She kills the bridge.

  • K.J. Pickering

    Love the song! I just hate that her songs keep getting leaked! It takes away from the surprise when the album comes out, but regardless the song is great!

  • ZMH


  • Why

    Since YouTube killed it:

    Kelly is the best. She’s the only listenable Idol that doesn’t get boring.

  • clement

    damn girl! and it’s only a demo.

  • HaleyBailey

    LOVE IT! It has smash written all over it. GO KELLY!!

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