6 Classy Quotes From Ke$ha’s ‘NME’ Interview

NME caught up with Ke$ha recently, and the mag took the opportunity to answer the age-old question: just how rock ‘n roll is the glitter bomb? In the interview, the “School’s Out” singer didn’t touch on her use of Auto-Tune, but she did reveal an unexpected sexting partner and some bizarre “bathroom” habits. Catch the vid as well as our round up of the sleazy songbird’s six classiest quotes below. (Trust us, we really had to stretch the definition of classy this time).


** “Do you know who Pauly Shore is? Pauly Shore — we sext.” Keep in mind that Ke$ha would have been 9 when Bio-Dome was released.

** “There’s a time and a place for all music.” That’s exactly what historians will say about “TiK ToK”.

** “I like to pee on weird things.”

** “No, this glitter is not fine enough! Get me the right glitter or I’m not going on stage!”

** “Any guy who comes on our bus . . . we take a picture of their wiener-area and we have the Wall Of Wieners.” Let’s not give former Congressman Anthony Weiner any ideas.

** A perfect example of Ke$ha Logic: “I have this horrible fear of airplanes and heights. So I decided to go sky diving.”

So just how rock ‘n roll is Ke$ha? Tell us below.