Madonna Album Rumors: No To RedOne, Yes To Diagram Of The Heart

Jul 6th, 2011 // 14 Comments

Now that Madonna has officially started working on her first album in three years, it’s time to revive our favorite soap opera, Madonna Album Rumors! In today’s saucy tale of intrigue, the Material Girl allegedly disses a hot producer, looks outside of the mainstream for her musical inspirations, and finds her “Way Back Home”. Indulge in some rumor-mongering below!

Reports Digital Spy (via Madonna fan site Queen Madonna), Madonna has turned down the opportunity to work with heavily sought-after producer RedOne (who produced Lady Gaga’s Born This Way as well as more songs than we have room to mention) in favor of collaborating with up-and-coming talent.

“She’s the writer of almost all of the new lyrics,” a source claims. “Producer Joe Henry is involved in two songs so far. Most of the other producers are not so famous. Her record company wanted her to work with renowned producers such as RedOne, which she refused to do.”

Joe Henry, by the by, is Madonna’s brother-in-law, and is usually associated with bluesy rock (Aimee Mann, Elvis Costello) than pop. MTV also reports that French electro producer Martin Solveig (Dragonette) has been working with Madge on her new album.

Her musical inspirations this time around are reportedly Jessica 6, Beth Ditto and The Sound Of Arrows. Diagram Of The Heart have also sent in a demo that Madonna has already recorded (reportedly titled “Way Back Home”) that “starts off with some piano and violins then [turns] into a dance track.”

So, if these rumors are to be believed, we’re in for some 70s-sounding electro rock and Euro-pop? Not exactly breaking boundaries there, but we always give Madonna the benefit of the doubt that she’ll put her own spin on things. Beth Ditto is also an interesting name to throw in there, since the Gossip singer was influenced by Madge’s “Justify My Love” for her recent video for “I Wrote The Book”:

What would you like to hear on Madonna’s new album? How about a new Lady Gaga collaboration to make up for the disappointing last one?


  1. RYK101

    she is NOT going to collaborate with GaGa, madonna does not like her, and don’t blame her she is ripping off all her ideas

    If madonna wants a collaboration it should be Britney (just for her name) or Rihanna, you know except from GaGa, Rihanna has more of what is needed to one day be Madonna, plus who else to get you a hit than Rihanna? Right Jay, T.I. and Eminem?

    I’m thrilled for this new album, Madonna is gonna shut all this bitches! and if she delivers something of the quality of Confessions on a Dance Floor she is gonna grab the most selling album of the year

  2. Ryan

    1. If RedOne already worked with Lady GaGa, it means is crap. The Queen Of Pop doesn’t work with crap, because everything Lady GaGa does is just cheap garbage.

    2. Her musical inspirations this time around are neither Jessica 6 nor Beth Ditto. She’s may working with French producer Martin Solveig for that matter.

    3. As someone said before, Madonna’s not going to collaborate with someone as low class as Lady GaGa. The Queen Of Pop is not searching for duets this time, so everybody should just forget about it and get ver it.

    PS: Madonna’s a legend. Britney Spears and Rihanna are not, they both suck.

  3. SoundofEros

    The Sound of Arrows!

  4. Marc

    Never have I more anticipated a Madonna record than now. Please remind the others how it is done.

  5. scruffystjohn

    Madonna and Gaga would have been good last year- but now i dont think so.
    I dont think Madge should do a duet with a top ten artist at all- if anything a duet with an interesting artist such as Beth ditto, Anthony and the johnstons etc

    as for producers- i hope she stays away from established top ten rubbish- theyve already been done to death and personally it would signal a desperate Madge!
    heres some suggestions: Martin Solveig, Hardwell, Pnau, Paul Mac, Alex Gaudino.

  6. htownjesse

    How dare you insult The Queen!!!!! She does as she wants & Shady Caca even asks for her input not the other way around! Get with the program!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long live Her Madgesty! Long live Madonna!!!

  7. chris

    You Madonna fans are so rude and need a kick in the butt.

  8. chris

    LOL Madonna doesn’t like GaGa, i love how you make things up! Amazing!

  9. jmgonzales

    i love her collabo-choices … i hope the tunes would be good – whether it’s dance, electro-pop or ballads (…i miss her ballads)

    she must really lead the way this time – the last two albums (and those leaks) were really off — why does she keep on talking about ‘time’, ‘running’, ‘jumping’ etc. as if she’s always in a hurry, but the songs still carry the same message as her old hits.

    she’s still better than the Ga, or Beyonce’ — and please drop her act with Britney – Brit’s body of work is sagging, among other things. But we must admit that Gaga & her producers had the smarts to select the perfect timing and opportunity to join the fame game. When all female acts were beginning to sound similar and monotonous, Gaga went for the obvious extreme.

    Madge’s advantage is she doesn’t have tot make this route — no way.

  10. Madonna is going to rock this sh**!!!

  11. Aaron

    Madonna sticks to underground producers – what she always did best – let’s all forget Hard Candy, I’m finally looking forward to a new Madge album again. Bring it on! x

  12. Metronomic

    First of all Madonna loves Gaga. Second, Gaga has more talent than even Madonna. At least she writes all her music and plays piano. Fag

  13. I got very good info from your blog

  14. I think their will be more,this one was quite good so I think they will continue with it.

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