The Morning Mix: Madonna Named Queen Of Pop By ‘Rolling Stone’ Readers

Jul 8th, 2011 // 13 Comments

Did You Hear?

:: Sorry Gaga - Rolling Stone readers have snatched your newly bestowed Queen of Pop crown and given it right back to Madonna in a poll. Madge earned five times as many votes in their reader poll as Lady Gaga, who came in 2nd. [Rolling Stone]

:: Mick Jagger: providing swagger to pop songs long before Cher Lloyd came on the scene. [PopDust]

:: The Voice‘s Dia Frampton might write a record with Blake Shelton-marrying country star Miranda Lambert. [PopCrush]

:: Mariah Carey steps out for the first time since giving birth. Lookin’ good, mama! [Celebuzz]

:: Memorize the lyrics to Kelly Clarkson’s new song “Let Me Down” in time for your next karaoke jaunt. [Music & Lyrics]

After the jump, find out which music acts will be appearing on the tube today.

Music On TV:
:: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) — Matt Nathanson (repeat)
:: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) — Hugo (repeat)
:: Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) — Ziggy Marley
:: Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) — Jimmy Eat World (repeat)
:: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) — Bon Iver (repeat)
:: Ellen DeGeneres (ABC) — James Durbin (repeat)

  1. Are you kidding me ?
    That a wrong information ! sorry
    i didn’t read that at Rolling stone !!

  2. tia

    Then try looking again..because this is ‘TRUE’!!!!

  3. Kidder

    Poor Lady Gaga. First her Born This Way album falls out of the Top 10 after only 4 weeks and now this. Not to mention her “Edge of Glory” single bombing Ouch!!!……..And now Madonna is back in the recording studio making her new album which upon it’s release will totally eradicate lady gaga from the music world once and for all. LONG LIVE QUEEN MADONNA!!!

  4. do you think gaga would have even exist without madonna? gaga said that she was inspired by madonna. the truth is, ‘inspiration’ is just a lame excuse to copy her.

  5. :)

    When the truth hurts resort to she’s to old typical MonsTARD

  6. Kalaban

    Madonna Is Goddess actually.. of the pop pantheon… All others can share and steal the crown of the Queen, and the tiara’s of the princesses… Madonna Eternal

  7. reader

    gaga will never be queen.there are NO ugly queens

  8. reader

    if madonna is ugly then what word would possibly describe gaga who has been ugly since birth.

  9. Joe

    MADONNA 4EVER Long Live her Majesty The Queen of Pop.

  10. zunkan

    Then you’re too old and ugly to make a comment here! Idiot!!!
    Why the ageism???????
    When you get old, I hoe all the kids around you will shun you away and find you creepy! How do you like that??? Huh???

  11. Lorne

    Madonna has sold over 300 albums, has 40 #1 singles on the Billboard dance chart, has 12 #1 songs on Billboard, has the most successful solo artist concert ever, has the #1 dance song over the past ten years, has broken records with going to # 1 in 45 countries, has come in at #2 only behind the Beetles on Billboard’s charts, and continues to break records and remains successful and relevant after being in the industry for almost 30 years. She is beyond being a Queen. The readers also proved it with voting her 5x more than the person who came in 2nd giving her the crown of Queen of Pop. None of the “current” singers would be who they are today without Madonna. Also, one particular current singer copies Madonna to the point that it’s becoming creepy and stalkerish.

  12. Andre Watch this and your will know that Madonna is still the queen of pop

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