Jay-Z Captures Derek Jeter’s 3,000th Hit On Video

Jay-Z doesn’t just make record history, he also RECORDS history on video! (See what we did there?) The “Empire State of Mind” rapper had a sweet third-baseline seat at Yankee Stadium yesterday (July 9), when New York shortstop Derek Jeter launched his 3,000th career hit into the stands. Jay had the genius idea to bring his video camera along for the game and managed to capture a fans-eye view of the occasion. Watch the video (courtesy of Mr. Carter’s Life + Times site) and see him talk about the experience inside. Who’s made the Yankee cap more famous now, Hov?

You can hear Jay-Z commentating the action on the shaky home footage below. And when Jeter connects for his record-setting home run, all directorial considerations fly out the window, the camera flails around wildly and the stadium erupts in cheers.

And being the music mogul that he is, Jay-Z got to swing behind the scenes after the game to deliver his congrats to Jeter face-to-face in the locker room — and to give an interview to the Yankees’ Yes Network. “It was amazing, it brings you back to a child,” Jay-Z says of witnessing the event in the clip below. “It’s a storybook.”