Three New Kelly Clarkson Songs Leak Online: Hear Them Now

Deep breaths. After an early version of Kelly Clarkson‘s song “Let Me Down” leaked earlier this week, we were already SO PUMPED for the single’s official release in August. But now three — THREE!!!! — new songs have just found their way onto the web, and you guys, they’re sooooooo good. Hear all three on the other side.

The first, “What Doesn’t Kill You,” is a Pink-style empowerment song whose glitzy production around the chorus will catapult it up the charts. (Anyone else getting a bit of “F–kin’ Perfect” here?) Clarkson’s voice is as strong as ever as she sings, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger / Stand a little taller / Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.”

On the all-grown-up “I Forgive You,” Clarkson reflects on her adolescent relationships and offers a truce: “We were just a couple of kids trying to figure out how to live, doing it our way / No shame, no blame, ’cause the damage is done / and I forgive you.” The song has the same pop-rock vibe that provided the backbone for “Since U Been Gone” — you know, the kind that makes you roll up the car windows and belt our the chorus like your life depended on it.

On “Dumb + Dumb = U” Clarkson delivers another of her signature kiss-offs a la “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” as she proclaims, “It ain’t rocket science / I may not be Einstein, but I know that dumb plus dumb equals you!”

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  • Roufaida Boukhalfa

    I love the first one!!! the last one not too much! But I really hope it’s gonna be on her next album!!! Love her so much! I immediatly send this to my friends!

  • K.J. Pickering

    Honestly? I think you need to STOP POSTING “LEAKED” SONGS! Yeah i love her music just as much as the next person (probably more) but i also want to be surprised when i hear the song for the first time on the ALBUM. Seriously this is getting ridiculous. Just stop it

  • Christine

    KJ – then don’t click on the play button?? Love the new tunes, especially “I Forgive You” – that’s gonna be a hit.

  • K.J. Pickering

    Thats not the point. The songs get leaked, people download the song off the internet for free, then when the album comes out they won’t buy it cuz they already have the songs. Then her album sales go down and she gets dropped. That means no more music from her. Granted this is pretty dramatic, but it could happen.

  • Why

    Well that made my day.


  • RYK101

    It was about damn time!! the second half of this year is already getting good shape: kelly, dev, madonna & probably a rihanna ep, i”m all in (after a first half full of disappointments)

  • Babby

    Really digging the first two songs! I really hope “Don’t Ever Give Up on Me” makes it on the album though.

  • djandy

    K.J. you are so right! Stop leaking the tracks from the cd! You think Kelly appreciates this! No she doesn’t! She has been working hard on her new cd and wants everyone to buy it no steal it! I love Kelly to death and would hate for her not to get the sales she deserves!!!!

  • Lea Petros

    It disgusts me and makes me sad, as a Kelly fan, that some of the people over at Kelly’s biggest fan board (the Kelly Clarkson Express) are the actual culprits behind these recent leaks – Febarros from AIEWBlog, to be specific, as they were uploaded to her 4shared account. And whenever Feb and the KCE get caught they start blaming other people for the leaks. What disgusts me even more is how much Kelly and her crew continue to kiss the butts of these people! But when that fan board buys the majority of your albums, I guess it doesn’t matter WHAT they do (leak her music, comment negatively on her weight, etc.) when, at the end of the day, KC gets a little money in her pocket. So, shame on the Kelly Clarkson Express and shame on Kelly for thinking the people there are sweet, innocent little angels.

  • jaime

    My fav is I Forgive You!!! The rest are okay and could be better. I am so excited about her new album and cant wait to buy it. As for the leaks I am happy they happen because her true fans are excited to hear them and no matter what will buy her music when it comes out any way. I hope this makes the label hurry and release her album.

  • M.M.

    “Dumb+Dumb” has the kind of R&B feel that I like hearing Kelly hang her voice on. Love the production of it, love Kelly’s sound on it…but “dumb plus dumb equals you”? Those lyrics are embarrassing.

  • Ray

    What Does’nt KIll you def should be released first!!! It has hit written all over it!!!! I love it!!!!!! I’m not big on Let Me Down…I Forgive you is better than Let Me down too..

  • K.J. Pickering

    I’m not even too sure if these are for sure going to be on the album. I mean think about it. We can pretty much bet that “You Still Won’t Know” is gonna be on the album. Then that song “Let Me Down” leaked and it sounded good so it’ll probably be on the album. Now these three leak and they’re supposed to “be on the album”? That’s five songs we know of. That’s like half an album. Not to mention the two duets Kelly is supposed to have on it. I HIGHLY doubt five songs that are going to be on the album would be leaked. That just never happens.

    As for these songs the first two are good and could possibly be on the album. But “Dumb + Dumb = U”? I am not looking for that to be on the album at all. It’s not very well written and I don’t think Clive Davis would have accepted that. Remember Kelly doesn’t have complete creative control, she still has to pass Clive first. Realisticly speaking I’m not looking for any of these songs to be on the album except “You Still Won’t Know” and “Let Me Down”. Anybody else notice “Let Me Down” got taken off this site? There’s your clue.

  • Ted

    Sorry these leaked. I listened to LMD earlier and loved it. Kelly really killed it. I love this artist so much and her music is phenomenal. Don’t misunderstand, it’s tempting not to listen since her fans have waited so long. I can’t wait to hear her new stuff because I know it’ll be amazingly awesome. But I’d rather wait for the package deal and not listen to leaks, purely my opinion. I know her next album will be a BIG HIT!!!

  • djandy

    I wish she would re release “Sober ” myself from “My December” because that song didn’t stand a chance with all the slack she got from that cd which is GREAT! “Sober” is such a great song and deserves a second chance!!!!

  • Gwenn Montegut

    I enjoy reading your blog’s post and all and i enjoy the threme structure even the visuals but maybe it needs a change, its been a long time, what do you guys think?

  • Brad

    Will anyone re-upload these songs? I’m dying to hear them!