Justin Bieber Joins Lil Twist On Stage In Anaheim

Jul 11th, 2011 // 37 Comments
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Call us, Justin! (Maybe)
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If you’re a young star looking to get the ladies screaming at a live show, there’s really no better way than to bring the much-more-than-Kind of Famous Justin Bieber up on stage with you. Clever Lil Twist did just that during his concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Monday night (Jul. 11), sharing the spotlight — well, handing it over, really — to the underselling Vanity Fair cover boy while performing “Wind It (Shut The Club Down).” At least, that’s what we think they were singing. In this video, it just sounds like the Biebs’ latest rendition of “Girls Shrieking Their Heads Off.”

Supposedly, Lil Twist and Justin Bieber will drop a single called “Wherever You Are” in the near future, along with a full mixtape collaboration. Guess those ladies won’t cease that screaming any time soon.

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  1. niloofar

    i love you justin

  2. I love you Justin your amazzziiiin’ > ;O

  3. Sameen Butt

    Yeah, this was amazing, I want to meet Justin but I live in Pakistan. And Justin never came here, I just want him to come here and have a concert and meet me :)


  5. i no i live in cameron,tx and i want to seee justin bieber for my bday but he dont come over

  6. justine


  7. fati

    please is a concert casablanca

  8. lulu

    I luve JB so much

  9. danielle

    i was just there yesterday!!!

  10. andrea belieber

    I lOve yOu justiin biieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% belieber juju

  11. megan

    justin bieber i am your hugest fan you are amazing i love you i love you i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. dennisza

    i love yuo jb yuor amazing i am a ur biggies fan i love yuo jb

  13. dennisza

    i love yuo jb yuor amazing i am a ur biggies fan i love yuo jb smile

  14. Leslie

    wen can you come back to anaheim justin??? i REALLY wanna see you

  15. hello justin bieber how are you? I love so much baby more de lo k te imagine

  16. i love u justin ur so hottt and i am ur biggest fan ever <3

  17. hi justin bieber miss you i love you amber

  18. i love you jasten and i like sond “love me” sombadi to love ………….. by

  19. salut justin je taime justin biber

  20. sella

    i love justin bieber 4ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i lllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee so much,,,,,,,,,

  21. yuridiana

    i love you justin

  22. Justin Bieber the best of best!
    Justin come to Ukraine,we love you!

  23. i love you justin bieber!!!!!!!

  24. Hi, justin bieber this is Charls Susan from Nigeria, how are over there, hope everything is moving fine, please take care of your self, i love you

  25. Please baby justin, i just want to ask you a question, how old are you? please reply.

  26. you

  27. I love you so much Justin Bieber ! I am your Best Friend

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