Ke$ha Wants “Revenge” In New Demo

Ke$ha is getting back to work slamming out a follow-up to her Animal and Cannibal tunes, though we’re not sure what to expect from her this time around. “Tease Me” was perfect for the dancefloor, while previously unreleased “31 Seconds Alone” was a bit underwhelming. Today the glitter-minded gods have given us “Revenge”, a bare bones recording of Auto-Tune abuser serving up one cold dish of revenge for a former flame. Check it out below.

Ke$ha – “Revenge”

“I’ll have the last laugh / When the knives deep in your back / I’ll get away with this / No trace of evidence / I’ll seal it with a kiss,” sings a squeaky-voiced K$ on this 90s-sounding tale of revenge.

We don’t want to judge this song based solely on a demo recording, but we will anyway: this pop-punk departure from K-Dolla’s recent spin through electro-pop is a big, generic step back. And no mention of glitter! Are we sure this is really Ke$ha?!

There’s no word whether this is an old demo from previous studio sessions or if this tune is intended for her next 70-inspired album, but we’re much happier sticking to “Blow” for now.

  • Why

    No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abort!

    Better for Miranda.

  • Thaye

    I doubt that this is a track for the new album. To be honest, I doubt that, aside from probably one or two exceptions or old demo recordings that made the cut, any songs that are going to be up before the actual album release are going to be on it. I’m sure her managemet is trying to be as secretive as possible.

  • Justin M.

    Wow. That completely sucks. I’m praying that Thaye is right!

  • J in San Francisco

    How come it’s funny when a babe stabs her boyfriend and gets away with it and no fingerprints – but everyone gets all bent when Casey Anthony – well you know.

  • J in San Francisco

    BTW. I like the song. It reminds me of Alice Cooper’s “Triggerman” . And I like the music – sort of rock-n-roll with pop roots. The lyrics are pretty good – some humor – but enough to push you over the edge if you were a gal and just got dumped and humiliated.

  • J in San Francisco

    Wow. There is a lot of new Ke$ha at Hulshare download site: Mouth. Starvin. Styrofoam. Secret Weapon. There are some new remixes too. Hilary Duff recorded less than that and called it a CD – but then she bailed on her love of music and sold her soul to a Hockey player.