Demi Lovato Reaches For The Sky In New Single “Skyscraper”

Yesterday brought plenty of news about Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” as we learned that the video will drop this Wednesday, then took a peek at a teaser for the clip. Of course, far better than either of those bits of business is actually getting to hear the song itself — and now it’s here! As we expected, the track is an emotionally raw power ballad about staying strong and walking tall, just like the titular building — and we also get some rather raw vocals from the young star, who, thankfully, clearly hasn’t been Auto-Tuned as she bares her soul on this moving track. Hear it below.

Written by Estonian songbird Kerli and Lovato herself, the lyrics here are solid and genuinely inspiring: “You can take everything I have / You can break everything I am / Like I’m made of glass, like I’m made of paper / Go on and try to tear me down / I will be rising from the ground / Like a skyscraper.”

The piano and vocals that begin the track are mournful, fitting in with the somber vibe we predicted from this tune. But it all builds to a much stronger and more upbeat finish, sending a message to Lovato’s fans that she isn’t letting her recent struggles keep her town — or stop her from taking her career in a more mature, emotionally naked direction than we’ve seen yet from the Disney star.

Do you think Demi Lovato towers in “Skyscraper”?

  • Marley

    this is an amazingly beautiful song. so powerful and so heartfelt. Demi is an inspiration to me and to many other people out there. keep it up doll.

  • Mercedes

    She’s all grown up! Singing from her gut, her soul. I can relate to this song as many other woman will as well. Beautiful , inspiring. Bye Bye Disney. hello world.!!

  • Martha Taylor

    Demi lovato, I love you so much. I am so happy you have came back and risin from your problems. et it all out through music, the thing that you lvoe to do. Your music helps your fans connect mroe with you and grow with you. We learn more about you and it helps us out with ourselves. I love you so much! <3 <3 <3 x infinity!

  • Anna

    She has conquered the many problems that teenagers face these days, image, and she has risen to the occasion. I love her voice so raw, its much more powerful. love you Demi Lovato. You’re an inspiration. A true one. Keep going strong, you have an amazing life ahead of you.

  • Val

    This song was beautiful! <3

  • LMG

    wow, this brought tears to my eyes. Her voice just grabs you and make you feels exactly what she feels.
    Lovely, just plain lovely.

  • Grace

    I’m not even a fan of Demi but I love this song so much. It makes me feel sad yet empowered at the same time. Love it!

  • anonymous

    Nice! Much love to Demi