Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” Single Cover — Not A Lot Of Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun

Jul 12th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Does Rebecca Black and her team (yes, the 13-year-old Internet star no doubt has a “team” at this point) realize that people were so enraptured with her song “Friday” because it was unintentionally hilarious? Black’s follow-up single, “My Moment”, sounds like it’s playing it straight, which is all wrong for a girl who appears to be in on the joke. But even if it’s done for laughs, there’s no way Team Rebecca could come up with something as funny on purpose as they did when genuinely trying to tell us the order of the days of the week. The video for “My Moment” drops on Monday on YouTube.


  1. Better than Gaga for sure

    She’s certainily better than some. And she can sing MUCH better than a so-called star of yesteryear … Boy George. (He was played constantly on radio for years and was really hopeless – totally flat)

    Why can’t we give her a chance? Is it because she is a happy young girl who doesn’t strip for the cameras?
    Personally, I wish her good luck.

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