Lady Gaga Is A Disabled Mermaid At Sydney’s Town Hall

Sydney’s Town Hall became the Monster Hall when Lady Gaga invaded the building with her eccentric cornucopia of stage accessories. “I broke here in Australia before anywhere else in the world, so let’s celebrate!” the honorary Australian citizen said as she thrilled all her little monsters Down Under with a one-night-only stage show. And throwing more sardines on the fire of a mermaid-featuring “You & I” video, Gaga sported a black leather tail while singing the song from a wheelchair. (Did she get hurt from a planking accident? We hear all the pop star mer-people are jumping on that trend.) Highlights from the show below.

Though everyone loves throwing Madonna-did-it-first’s at Gaga, we think Gaga’s wheelchair-bound mermaid looks just like a dominatrix version of Bette Medler’s New York native mer-lady:

Coincidence or homage, little monsters?

  • vertigoshtick

    Oh yes, I can just hear the 80s/gay culture/New York theater encyclopedia Lady Gaga now: “Bette Midler? Who? Actually I was paying tribute to Edith Piaf.”

  • LordGagaTX

    knowing Gaga, she probably did ‘steal’ the idea from this performance. She loves musical theater to death so this is her inspiration i guess. Mermaids cant walk-so it makes sense either way.

  • Xadax

    WHATEVE – GIMMICK – Her being copycat will always be stud forever in my head & its tiring so i’ll just say “WHATEVER CACA!”. Starting from Madonna to Xtina to Grace Jones etc…

  • caligula

    This “woman” is despicable and so unoriginal, even though all the youngsters think she is. She steals just about every “persona” from someone who’s done it before. What a pathetic generation of nitwits growing up in America these days.

  • Dena

    @caligula If you feel so strongly about it I would love to hear your “other” examples and secondly a lot of her “personas” are dedications to other artist maybe to ENLIGHTEN my “nitwit” generation about things they other wise WOULD NOT know about. Which I think is awesome that she wants to open peoples eyes to other amazing artist through her art

  • ayedeejay

    you need to relax caligula! there is truly no such thing as originality anymore. everything has been done and redone and that’s ok. your normalcy must be SO original being in the vast number of ordinary people in this world. she has made a difference in so many ways more than you will in your entire life. so before you start rudely commenting on a very relevant artist, learn to take that stick out of your ass.

  • Fab1

    Hey Lady Ga Ga, I’m a Fan of yours but that Mermaid in a Wheel Chair belongs to only ONE DIVA & that’s Divine Bette Midler!!!
    That’s Tacky stealing one of the Most Respected Classic of a REAL DIVA!

  • Fab1

    Have Respect & Dignity! Stop Stealing Blatanly from The One & Only Mz. Divine Bette! So what The F if GaGa’s Mermaid costume is More fabulous, just don’t STEAL from the original unless she has the approval! Guess there’re NO ORIGINALITY with this Generation & that’s the Truth!!! Even in many of GaGa’s interviews she amitted that she’s RETRO! But Stealing is Tacky & NOT CLASSY!!! GET IT???!!!!!????

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