Avril Lavigne’s ‘Got Talent’, Performs “What The Hell” And “Smile”

Avril Lavigne is still working those Goodbye Lullaby singles. The Abbey Dawn designer stopped by America’s Got Talent to perform “What The Hell” and “Smile” during the first results show of the season. As much as we like these two tracks, their shelf life doesn’t seem to be that long — when’s that “more fun” album coming out already, Av? Jump below to watch her back-to-back numbers.

[Via Neon Limelight]

  • Bill

    Avril lavigne has a short shelf life.

    More fun ie. more disposable pop.

  • Kar

    Avril has been making making music for 10 years and is one of top selling female artists of the last ten years, so how does she have a short self life Bill?

  • Dee

    agree with you Kar.
    how does she have a short life???