Taylor Swift’s New Perfume “Wonderstruck” Totally Inspired By Owl City

Taylor Swift is the latest pop star to launch her own fragrance, and we have a feeling her signature scent may smell vaguely like owls. Swift’s perfume is called “Wonderstruck”, a line that comes directly from her Speak Now song “Enchanted”, which was revealed by Owl City’s Adam Young (in a super lovey-dovey blog post) to have been about his brief meeting with Taylor in New York. “Wonderstruck” is also a word Young is fond of using, which is how he pieced together that Swift’s song was about him. Unfortunately for Adam, this fragrance isn’t unisex. [Via PopWatch]

  • Annise

    :O :) I am so happy for Adam

  • HootOwlForever

    Im Wonder Struck Blushing All The Way Home

  • HootOwlForever

    [img]http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/12/Adam And Taylor-340_450.jpg[/img]