Beyonce Runs Space Now Too

“Good morning Atlantis. This is Beyonce.” That’s how Mrs. Carter greeted astronauts aboard the space shuttle Atlantis today in a pre-recorded message, after a snippet of “Run The World (Girls)” introduced her. The pop superstar with the #1 album in America provided the message as a treat for NASA on the Day 9 of the shuttle’s final mission. (Remember, B was born and bred in Houston, home to NASA’s main flight HQ). And she had a special shout-out for one of the spacecraft’s four travelers. Find out which one below.

“Sandy, Chris, Doug, and Rex, you inspire all of us to dare to live our dreams — to know that we’re smart enough and strong enough to achieve this. This song is especially for my girl Sandy and all the women who’ve taken us to space with them, and the girls who are our future explorers,” Beyonce said in the message.

“Sandy” refers to Sandra Magnus, the only woman on this mission’s crew. And Ms. Magnus had a kind response for B too: “Good morning, Houston. A big thanks to Beyoncé for taking the time out of her schedule to record us a greeting, and we’re ready for another day here on Atlantis.”

You’d think that while B had them on the line, she could’ve asked the astronauts to bring back Kanye from space, but hey, we know they’re busy.

Do you think this was a highlight for Beyonce’s career? Or a mere publicity stunt?

  • Troy

    I bet those astronauts where screaming “OH NOOOOO, SHE FOUND US, ABORT…ABORT!!!”

    Even in space they have to put up with this yodeling, whaling, pole dancing annoying ass woman. Why doesn’t she just go away. Maybe they should send her ass up to Mars and just leave her there so we don’t have to deal with her down here on earth any longer.

  • ZMH

    yeah exactly…shameless self promotion aside, to thank the poor astronauts inspire all of us to dare to live our dreams, you impose them to the torture of your annoying, flopped, damn song?? like there’s enough to worry about up there in the space.

    Classy, really classy.

  • So why d hate

    Why y’all hating. Go get some air and come back.
    She still was #1 for 2 weeks. Jlo had hit songs and flopped harder than your mums pregnancy.

  • Queen Bey

    The first two haters need to go do something better. She’s a glastonbury chick. Who cares about sales of singles. What matters is the album. Hell Kelly flopland released 4 singles from an album that flopped and she finally had a hit on the ghetto chart. Not on the mainstream chart.

  • awakd

    love b. and love this song/

  •!/sobercool ERIC

    They could’ve picked a better song. Just sayin’…