Chris Brown Raps Through “Real Hip Hop #3″

Chris Brown sure knows how to draw a crowd with his current R&B sound, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make an exploration or two with another style of music. “Real Hip Hop #3″ finds the “Legendary” artist freestyling over a beat by 9th Wonder, rhyming, talking dirty, dropping F bombs, and taking shots at TMZ like the best of ‘em. We’re not sure this track is appropriate for Brown’s Kind of Famous buddy Justin Bieber’s ears, but you can hear it for yourself below.

We think Chris Brown sounds like a pretty legit rapper on this track. Do you agree?

  • Eric MusicFiend-Settle

    I mean yall act like he just started rapping. He just had a huge hit with ‘Look At Me Now’ which he raps the bulk of his lines. But aside from that he’s been rapping on mix tapes for past year or two.

  • awakd

    i like chris.

  • Michellecbreezy

    Rap, Act, Or Sing You name it & Chris Brown can do it all. HE IS KILLING THE GAME RIGHT NOW. Y’ALL NEED TO WATCH. Become FAN ON FACEBOOK.

  • http://@tonejamz tonejamz

    He was a singer before a rapper, actually, I can tell you’re one of those people who only listen to his singles. Look At Me Now was wayyy after he started rapping, in fact, he was rapping before he was singing. He has many songs in which he raps, such as, Holla at me, and songs from previous mixtapes.