Neon Hitch Attempts To Train A “Bad Dog” In Her New Single

By: Becky Bain / July 18, 2011

“Silly Girl” Neon Hitch has been bubbling under the pop scene for quite a bit now, at first penning tunes for the likes of Ke$ha (“Blah Blah Blah”), then popping up as a featured artist on a 3OH!3 track, and now she’s readying her debut album, Beg, Borrow And Steal. And our Pray For Pop artist is showing us just how much of an animal lover she is in her new single “Bad Dog”, which blurs the line between sex and pets. (In the best way.) Lyrics video below.

Neon Hitch – “Bad Dog”

The Benny Blanco-produced tune starts off sounding like a higher-BPM recording of Far East Movement’s “Like A G6″, then launches into what could be construed as pop’s first attempt at bestiality: “You’re just an animal that I caught / And you know I’m yours, so rip my clothes off.”

Hitch continues: “So come inside my cage, you bad dog.” Wait, they’re both dogs now? We have to agree with PopDust that this song certainly has some mixed metaphors and curious subject matter.

We assume Neon was going for S&M with this track about mastering somebody who is being very, very naughty, but we maybe this would have worked better if she was singing about a mythical werewolf instead of a dog? At least those creatures have hands in which to rip one’s clothes off.

What do you think of Neon Hitch’s new song? Does it deserve a treat?