Rebecca Black Gets Serious For “My Moment” Video

It’s not as if Rebecca Black set out to create comedy genius with the video for “Friday”, but we were expecting something a bit more winky-winky and entertaining and than what we get in the video for her humorless follow-up single “My Moment.” Sadly, Rebecca sings about her “moment” (aka her extended 15 minutes of fame), and not the order of the months of the year. Video below.

Rebecca Black – “My Moment”

Though the conundrum of which seat to take boggled her mind in “Friday”, here Rebecca doesn’t think twice about choosing to sit in the back seat of a stretch limo.

Rebecca is a cute girl, has loads of personality, and as evidenced by her Katy Perry video cameo, at least some comedic timing. Why doesn’t she use her Internet fame to launch a comedy acting career instead of desperately attempting to become a genuine pop star? (Surely there’s an upcoming Lea Michele movie that requires her to have a little sister or a 13-year-old version of herself during a flashback?) Her transition from punchline to genuine recording artist needs at least a few more steps before we take Rebecca’s moment seriously.

  • Nyan

    It’s not that bad! I actually like it…… But what happened to her voice? It was all nasal and now it sounds nice and not nasal at all?


    Check out the lyrics to Rebecca Black’s new single “My Moment” at

  • Why

    It’s great for kids and she’s a household name. Moment…yes. Talented…not really.

  • ZMH

    i want my friday video back.


    Love It, She is soooo hot. Great pop song and great hook.

  • Patrick Chan

    Everyone on the internet needs to stop being expert critics. She’s 14 & having fun. When was the last time YOU got famous doing what you do so well. Keep sitting on that couch, you’re looking fantastic!

  • Rezzy

    Wow, that’s a bit extreme Mr. Chan. There’s this thing called an opinion. People have them. They like to say them. Deal with it.

  • Ronnie

    Speak for your self Patrick Chan. She may be 14 and having fun but the only reason shes here is because of the fact that we all made her a national laughing stock. You know it and we all know it. Let’s just let her run her course and she’ll learn that if she’s not making us laugh, she won’t last long. End of story.

  • gummybear

    I’m not an expert in music, I’m just a hearer, so I’m so confused whether she’s a talent or not (because I can’t differentiate her real voice with the autotune), yet I think her performance is not very good. Though she owns a good looking face, she needs her own style to impress the others. Her images should be created unique, don’t be so repetitive as the popular scenes. And the last thing, though her mom and dad are very rich she should fly on her own wings. It is this point which can help her fly high and reach the sky of her dream.

  • flapjacker

    I’d never thought I’d say this…but Friday was better. The troll got her good thought…

  • me

    Because she’s auto-tuned in this song.