Rebecca Black Gets Serious For “My Moment” Video

It’s not as if Rebecca Black set out to create comedy genius with the video for “Friday”, but we were expecting something a bit more winky-winky and entertaining and than what we get in the video for her humorless follow-up single “My Moment.” Sadly, Rebecca sings about her “moment” (aka her extended 15 minutes of fame), and not the order of the months of the year. Video below.

Rebecca Black – “My Moment”

Though the conundrum of which seat to take boggled her mind in “Friday”, here Rebecca doesn’t think twice about choosing to sit in the back seat of a stretch limo.

Rebecca is a cute girl, has loads of personality, and as evidenced by her Katy Perry video cameo, at least some comedic timing. Why doesn’t she use her Internet fame to launch a comedy acting career instead of desperately attempting to become a genuine pop star? (Surely there’s an upcoming Lea Michele movie that requires her to have a little sister or a 13-year-old version of herself during a flashback?) Her transition from punchline to genuine recording artist needs at least a few more steps before we take Rebecca’s moment seriously.