Watch Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” Video — Now With Additional Footage

Britney Spears’s last few videos — particularly the joyfully silly clip for “I Wanna Go” — more than make up for the travesty that was the pop star’s video for “Gimme More”, her lead single from Blackout. The stripper concept was a poor choice, the barely-there outfits were ill-fitting, the “choreography” was a joke, the editing was sloppy… and now we get more of it! A new cut with additional footage surfaced online, showing us scenes of Brit off the pole and into the streets. Compare both videos below.

First, here’s the version you’ve already seen:

Now here’s the newly surfaced alternate cut:

They couldn’t have added a few dozen more shots of her ass? Because we could definitely use a few more.

Basically, it looks as though the editors cut out only cut out a few scenes from the final product — Britney strutting down the street in an unflattering outfit, Britney laying down in a zebra-print bed in an unflattering outfit while a cat hangs out with her, Britney going topless while working the poll — and added one new element: blonde Britney watching herself amateurly shimmy. Neither the deleted nor added parts add or subject anything from the experience. This video was kind of doomed no matter how it was edited together.

The song, however, is still pretty great.

  • Brandon Hall

    Look how lively she looked back then, she seems to actually be enjoying herself its so sad to see her zombiefied videos of late.

    The fact that she doesn’t come across as a thoughtless mindless robot instantly makes this video her best video since this video.

  • X.

    I watched the new one, then the old one, and the old one looked GOOD in comparison. Man oh man what a train wreck. It looks like a $12 video for an amateur that will never, ever have another song ever again. Why is there a random cat? And “blonde” Britney looks like Anna Faris trying to be goofy AS Britney, except it’s really Britney trying to be serious. I don’t know who let this happen but it happened at the worst time for her, too. At least the recut version added more flashy editing to distract you from how cheap and lame it looked.

  • Nyan

    Eh….. The old one is better but I thought the new one would possibly have more story line with the whole streets thing but I thought wrong… Anyway, I’m perfectly happy with Britney right now!

  • Mark Daniel Snyder

    I’m sorry but I love trashy Britney. Gimme more!

  • Why

    Well no one goes to a strip club for choreography. They go for ass and tits from the floor up while getting drunk. I love this video.

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Well, If even this video costs $1, she looks very lively, easy and more powerful as a woman or club stripper!
    It’s Britney B*tch!

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    that was soooo raunchy…I feel as if theres a lot of missing scenes though, There is no britney with the 3 girls in the bar laughing and the guy drinking at the bar is gone as well in this last one…I donno how i feel about this video, but i cant stop watching it

  • guga

    at least she had life in her eyes! luv this!

  • samantha

    at least she actually is moving around dancing in this video actually looking like she’s having fun, versus all her new videos where she looks boring and forced. i agree with guga that she looks like she has life in her eyes.. and her body!