Skylar Grey Discusses Her Name Change In “Dance Without You” Behind The Scenes

Skylar Grey’s disturbing video for her debut single “Dance Without You” featured the singer-songwriter emerging Alien-style from a woman’s back. (What a way to introduce yourself to the public!) In the clip’s behind-the-scenes footage, Grey informs us that there’s a deeper meaning to the vid  than just a reminder to go to the doctor to get your annual check up, lest an angsty musician pop out of your body. Watch Skylar discuss breaking free from her past below.

Skylar Grey – “Dance Without You” (Behind-The-Scenes)

The alternate, more timid version of Skylar seen in the video is named Holly Brook — Skylar’s birth name. “Changing my name was more of a life choice, I didn’t want to be that person anymore. It had too many bad memories associated with it.”

“I was kind of my own worst enemy as Holly,” she continues. Okay, we admit it — we’re curious. Why was it so terrible being Holly Brook (besides having a name that sounds like it came right out of a Disney fairy tale)?

Skylar’s debut album Invisible drops this Fall.